Content Marketing for Landscapers: Are you Investing in Great Content?

Learn how content marketing for landscapers and inbound marketing for landscapers will increase your leads. 

For many landscape and outdoor living businesses today, marketing still remains a crap shoot. Do I run an ad in a local magazine? Or maybe we should do a direct mail postcard? The truth of the matter is that it’s bigger than those decisions and it all starts with high-quality, useful content. No matter which mediums you choose as vehicles to reach your customers and prospects, great content marketing and inbound marketing should be the focus for your landscaping company. 

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The outdoor living industry is healthy, rapidly growing, and happens to be fairly young in the U.S. As with all young and growing industries, consumers tend to have a lot of questions. What size should I make my patio? I think I need an outdoor kitchen but where in the overall design should it go? How much does a gunite pool cost and will it work for my yard? 

These questions should be answered through engaging, relevant blogs that help homeowners make better purchases. Remember that long before you ever hear from a landscaping prospect, she has done countless hours of Googling and online research. This is why landscape companies today should be investing—yes investing— in content marketing in the form of blog posts, social media posts, magazine articles, and even podcasts. See, content is an important asset and it should be at the heart of successful inbound marketing for landscapers today.

Your company’s content is what greets today’s consumer first. It stays with you forever and the more your have and the better it is, the more relevant and useful you will be to prospects. Why is that important? Because that is how the best landscape sales are won today. Developing yourself and your company as a knowledgeable, trustworthy source is just a blog post or article away. Content marketing for landscapers is here to stay and it's time to put it to work for your company.

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HomePRO Team