Contractor Websites Should Drive Leads

98% of the contractor websites we visit are little more than a company brochure. This, after all, was the norm just a few short years ago. Unfortunately, because of the way things used to be, most business owners in the home remodeling industry think this is still what a website should be.

Is your website driving leads for you?

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Is Your Website Driving Leads for You?

Website Optimization increases website traffic, drives business opportunity leads for contractor websites and landscaping websites. 

What if I told you we can drive a hundred leads—prospects that submitted their contact information to you—through your company's website each and every month? That is, increase your website traffic to thousands of visitors per month, convert a portion of that traffic into leads, and ultimately, help you generate more revenue.

This is completely possible, and through countless HubSpot case studies and recorded data, it's actually proven to work. No longer a brochure, contractor websites should be a company's best marketing channel and best salesperson. Hands down.

How does your Website Generate Leads with Inbound Marketing?

  • Increase Website Traffic with Content, Content, and more Content
    • Getting found online today boils down to regularly posted, useful content like blog posts, videos, and podcasts. Every week you should be posting blogs that help your prospects learn what they need. 

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  • Convert Website Traffic to Get More Leads with Content Offers and Forms
    • Once you have visitors coming to your website, now we we offer longer form content and offers that are useful and attractive to your target market. Once filling out a form, the user will be able to download the offer. 
    • Convert Leads to Customers and Delight Them
      • Your company's new leads are nurtured down the sales cycle with personalized, automated content based on their position in the funnel. Once qualified and in the decision stage, you turn them into new customers. Then it's time to delight them with exceeding their expectations and providing an amazing customer experience.