How to Effectively Market to Landscape Contractors

How to Effectively Market to Landscape Contractors

Let’s face it. These guys are tough. Marketing to landscapers—reaching and really connecting with business owners in the landscape design and build industry—is next to impossible.  

Trade Shows?

Contractor Loyalty Programs? 

Full page ads in trade magazines? 

Maybe. But let’s take these 3 common approaches. Let’s conservatively say that these avenues are costing around $500k/year in marketing spend with the added bonus of a whole lot of uncertainty when it comes to ROI. When viewed through the traditional marketing lens, this is pretty standard practice, right? No big deal or red flags here folks.

But what happens when the traditional marketing lens is flipped on its head? What happens when all the sudden the B2B buyer is no longer being reached by these “traditional” channels and manufacturers are struggling to connect with the owners of landscaping companies? It’s then time to face the fact that these B2B buyers are no longer shopping like it's 1986. It’s a different world out there and those manufacturers that embrace the revolution will ultimately be successful.   

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We challenge manufacturers in the landscape materials space to spend $100k of that “traditional” marketing spend and allocate it to inbound marketing campaigns. At Halstead Media, we’ll take that investment and increase website traffic, drive growing qualified leads, and increase revenue. All with trackable ROI and clear goals and deliverables.

Sound too good to be true? It’s Inbound Marketing for manufacturers and it’s proven to win new business. Plain and simple. 

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