Landscape Construction Projects Deserve Better Photography

There’s something weird going on.

While the outdoor living market has exploded over the last few years, certain aspects of the industry are still yet to evolve and rise to the new opportunities and consumer demand. In this new world, there is no longer a huge budget difference between an outdoor living project and an interior remodeling project like a kitchen or bath. So where then are the lavish design showrooms, incredibly realistic 3D design renderings, and high-quality photography of finished projects?

Let’s face it. Marketing for landscape contractors has changed. The average “outdoor living” project some 20 years ago involved a 100 sq.ft. patio built from a 6x9 concrete paver that was available in 5 colors. Fast forward to 2015, and homeowners are regularly requesting projects in excess of 2,500 sq.ft complete with custom outdoor fireplaces, gunite swimming pools, outdoor great rooms, and outdoor kitchens that rival those of their indoor counterparts.

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So, what is the buying process like for this $200k outdoor living oasis? Far and wide it involves a landscape salesperson coming out to the client’s home with an individual piece—or maybe two—of a sample paving stone and some low resolution pictures of recent, not yet completed projects, that the homeowner can flip through on his/her iPhone. A far cry from that of the kitchen and bath world, don’t you think?

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The true craftsmanship and artistic talent that goes into the design and installation of today’s outdoor living projects is nothing short of incredible. The professionals that create these outdoor spaces are hard-working and talented. The projects they create day in and day out form the body of work that will be their legacy for years to come. That said, why do so few spend the time, energy, and money to treat these projects with the respect they deserve when it comes to capturing them with photography? 

I wish I knew. I really do. But what I do know is this—a landscape contractors best marketing is the professional representation of the past projects they have completed. Professional project photography for landscapers will help sell more landscaping projects and improve your marketing. 

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