Landscape Contractor Sales: The First Client Meeting

Marketing for landscapers and Landscape contractor sales starts with inbound marketing. 

Landscape contractors have the best opportunity to connect with potential clients during the initial face-to-face meeting. During this meeting, the homeowner should learn enough information to decide whether to consider hiring or look elsewhere. To make a good impression and turn that meeting into a sale, here are a few key essentials.

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Professional Landscape Portfolio  A great portfolio helps to sell great jobs—plain and simple. Containing sample landscape designs, high-quality professional project photography, and a few detailed case studies, this portfolio should provide homeowners a sense of the designer's style and capabilities. Most importantly, it allows the landscape design/build firm to show relevant work and establish credibility. This also increases the chance of selling additional work on the project.

Summary of Education and Certifications  Not all landscapers have the same level of expertise, but many homeowners don't understand the differences between an amateur and a true professional. Be sure to bring documentation that speaks to your relevant education, certifications, and years of experience. These are the extra steps that prove very important in closing sales and commanding higher prices.

Reference List  By the middle of your first in-person meeting, chances are good that you have emphasized your firm’s ability to get the job done well. This is often not enough, however. To help seal the deal and leave the homeowner with the warm and fuzziess, demonstrate that your company is a pleasure to work with. Share your company values or the high expectations you hold for your crew and any subcontractors you work with. Present references that will help confirm this and be sure to encourage homeowners to contact these satisfied previous clients.