Landscape Contractors: Is it time to reevaluate your company image?

Today's world of landscape construction has changed. Gone are crappy landscaping business cards and professional landscape design software is here.

"All industries need to evolve. If they don’t, they get left behind. Perhaps it’s time for the residential landscape construction industry to settle in and get a little more comfortable with its new identity." -Corey J. Halstead

The term 'landscaping'—before the outdoor living market explosion—used to conjure up images of a small planting bed in the front of a house, or maybe a small walkway leading to the back shed. And while there were certainly large residential projects being designed and installed, the mainstream idea of treating the outdoor areas as an extension of the interior of the home simply wasn’t born yet. The landscape construction industry has really transformed over the last 5 years, and overall, the industry has done a great job evolving with the times.

So why then, do so many of the businesses that live in this new outdoor living market still refer to themselves first as simply ‘landscapers’? Do they not design and install the elaborate outdoor living spaces of today? When you dig deeper many of them do. It seems many landscape contractors may be conjuring up mental images for their prospects of those small flowerbed projects from the days of old and not even realizing it.

But what if residential landscape contractors fully embraced the industry’s new identity and direction? Wouldn’t they then connect much better to today’s prospects looking to recreate the outdoor spaces they read about in publications like Outdoor Home Magazine at their own homes? I think so. 

That said, maybe it’s time to reconsider how outdoor living consumers perceive your company’s offerings and better align your brand with the the new direction of the industry.

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So, here's the question. Do you use professional landscape design software or do you have a beat up pile of landscaping business cards. Are you a landscaping company that installs small flowerbeds and trims hedges or do you design and install today’s modern outdoor living rooms, complete with outdoor kitchens, poolside bars, and fireplace gathering areas that truly extend the homeowner’s livable space beyond their backdoor?  If it's the latter, then it's time to align your outdoor living company's marketing and brand communications with today’s outdoor living market, not yesterday’s landscaping industry.  

Photo- Nana B Agyei