Portfolios and Brochures for Landscaping and Outdoor Living Companies

Sales brochure and portfolio for landscaping and outdoor living companies

An important focus for the Strategy Months (this is part two of a three part series, read the first one here) is the creation of a better way to show off your landscape company’s work. At Halstead Media, we are firm believers in the thought that your catalog of completed work is your best marketing—100%, hands down. The outdoor living projects and landscape projects that your company designs and installs are made of you and your team’s heart, soul, sweat, and pride. The easy part is treating this work with the respect of great photography and great graphic design, allowing it to sell more jobs for your company for years to come. There are two key places you'd use this powerful combination - on your website to convert leads and at your first in-person consultation. 

That’s right, I said it. The “photo book” available from the mass online printing vendor with the “online design software” simply isn’t a high enough quality product for the expectations of today’s consumer.

Enter the branded, magazine-style portfolio of high quality imagery and engaging, useful content. Think Outdoor Home Magazine, only focused exclusively on your company’s story, mission, and body of work. Sounds impressive, right? It is. And it’s just the kind of forward-thinking marketing that will win the best landscape projects in 2015 and beyond - right from your first consultation.

So, this is all great but how do you make it happen? There are 3 main components of bringing a marketing piece like a brand portfolio magazine together successfully.

The first is partnering with the best marketing company for the job. Choose a marketing company that has a strong niche in the landscape and outdoor living industry. A magazine style portfolio like the one we describe here requires authentic, accurate content that only a marketing company that specializes in the landscape industry can deliver. Want to learn more about driving more leads out of your site? Read this post.

The second is high quality project photography. The best magazine or book with the highest quality design and production is completely ineffective if combined with poor images. The days when a landscaping/outdoor living company could use low quality photos of unfinished projects to win projects are over. Even if the company’s projects are stunning while experiencing them in person, one needs to step back and make sure that a project’s quality is being communicated effectively through the photography. It’s a small investment when compared to the effort of building the project in the first place. Read more about quality photography here.

The third is format and production of the portfolio magazine itself. Just as crucial as the choice of the landscape marketing company and the proper photography, the integrity of the design and production is what makes the piece connect with the reading consumer. There are many options to be considered including overall trim size, paper thickness, cover finishes, and binding treatments. The right combination of these choices results in dynamite selling tool that is second to none. Don't forget that along with the printed version, a flippable digital version is a great tool for better establishing better prospect connections via email and social media channels. 

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