Construction Marketing for Custom Home Builders Begins Online

Construction marketing for custom home builders and landscape construction firms. Is your website optimized for driving business opportunity leads?

Custom home builders and remodelers are a busy group of business owners. With the many moving parts of their businesses needing immediate attention, the time left for strategizing marketing, lead generation, and revenue growth is often not enough. Often times, custom home builders are most comfortable in the field not in an office anyway. But this becomes a bit of a problem when demand decreases and financial markets stumble because the leads that were just kind of always there, just kind of aren't anymore.

Word of mouth advertising is great, but customers are really, really busy as well these days. They simply don't connect with anywhere near as many of your other potential clients as they used to. So while these leads are often the most qualified with a high close rate, construction marketing strategies today need to pull business opportunity leads from where most prospects are shopping 

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Why does construction marketing need to change?

Potential customers for home builders and remodelers today are doing all their research and decision making online. They are looking to blogs and e-books for inspiration and knowledge, not calling a salesperson or visiting a showroom. Home & garden shows are far more inconveniencing than browsing websites on their iPads in the comfort of their homes.  

Why should you be investing in your website

Spending money on marketing can be a tough thing to swallow for small businesses in the construction and landscape construction industries. With unsteady cash flow, weather, and the economy to contend with, parting ways with capital to bring more revenue needs to be a no-brainer, proven ROI move. That's why investing in inbound and content marketing for your digital salesperson is a great option. It's really about working to establish equity in your website and the sooner you begin, the sooner you can say goodbye to home shows and direct mail campaigns.

image Brock Builders via Flickr