Should Home Shows be a Part of Your Construction Marketing?

The home remodeling industry is growing like a weed. And with growth comes change. Pepper in the fact that the way people want to purchase things today is completely different than even 6 years ago and you've got yourself a complete revolution in the home services space. 

Home Shows don't drive leads like they used to. Construction Marketing is all about leadgen and converting traffic to leads.

Home remodeling prospects aren't going to Home Shows anymore

The fact is, today's target market for windows & doors, roofing & siding, landscaping, decks, and kitchens & baths is making decisions without going to a showroom, without picking up the phone—and increasingly—without going to a single home and garden show. Many, many home contractors we speak with explain how a few home shows used to drive a ton of leads and book their company's entire year out. That is certainly not the case anymore. And with the cost of doing these shows going up, the only thing going down is leadgen and ROI.  Related: How Much Does It Really Cost To be in a Home and Garden Show?

The primary shift in the buying habits of consumers today is why Halstead Media focuses on inbound marketing and content marketing for the home remodeling industry. Home industry professionals looking to aggressively drive qualified leads for their businesses do not have to look any further than Inbound marketing.

Construction Marketing 2.0 with Inbound

While this is completely revolutionizing how businesses market and sell their products and services, Inbound Marketing is actually pretty simple. Market and sell to consumers in a way that aligns with how they shop. That's it.

If your company has experienced the sharply decreasing ROI from home and garden shows, direct mail campaigns, and Adwords campaigns, maybe it's time to check out inbound marketing. Related: 5 Top Mistakes That Contractors Make with Google AdWords (PPC)

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