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The Top 20 Problems Marketing Can Solve for Contractors

As a landscaper or landscape architect, you have more than your fair share of problems related to the seasons, daily weather, appointments at 7pm, staffing for the year (but incoming revenue for part of the year), and vacations mostly in the winter. Plus, of course, you have all of the usual non-industry specific issues like budgeting. Many look to grow or reduce their company size, perhaps expand their offered services, or change their service area. Then you have the option of changing your marketing approach since a good landscaping marketing strategy and implementation is important for any business to thrive - everyone knows that. But with all the options out there, how do you know that Inbound Marketing is right for you?  Because it can solve all twenty of these below problems.

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Increase Margins with a Website Optimized for a Home Services Business

So a website can bring you leads - bring you traffic - bring you all these terrific results. Whether or not you've read other blogs by the HomePRO team at Halstead Media, its likely you've heard that having a website, that is well designed and full of content, is the first step in having a powerful and meaningful digital presence. (Related: Is your website optimized?) But how exactly can a website and effective construction marketing increase your margins? There are many ways. Looking at time, overhead, additional sales, and labor - we've come up with some ideas.

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Landscape Pros: Stabilize Cash Flow by Filling up Your Sales Funnel

Winter is coming! For many design and build landscaping professionals (and pool company owners) throughout the country, this means that cash flow takes a complete dip or just a major dip (if you live in an area that has snow and you will be doing snow management). Its the season that every outdoor living or green industry professional dreads. You don't know what will happen in spring with your cash flow and how many above-par projects you'll do. There is a major, highly effective solution to helping cut all, or most, of the uncertainty and bring cash in sooner - by getting more prospects into your sales funnel

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Why Home Remodelers Need Inbound Marketing, Today

Many companies, including landscape contractors and landscape architects, and kitchen design firms are finding their endless emails, outgoing calls, door hangers, and postcards aren’t bringing them any leads. What was once a successful quick way to get a boost in leads and revenue has turned into money sucking marketing efforts.

The trend to a better way, which started about ten years ago, makes more sense today than ever before.

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