Your New Landscaping Business Cards

The ritual of buying new landscaping business cards sometimes brings a feeling of renewal. For that short moment, you think of your logo, email address. The best part is probably thinking through your job title. As a landscaping business owner, you choose what your job title is, you think about your title (does it still sound good?). Finally, after you hit your submit on the order, you cross your fingers and hope that these landscaping cards will bring your business more leads and higher revenue projects. These landscape business cards don't end bringing you more projects. And they won't. They're actually the biggest unnecessary cost in your business. The old traditional business cards are rarely used in today's world of relationship building and have been replaced by something a lot more powerful and meaningful: inbound marketing services. 

No more landscaping business cards. Marketing services are now inbound. People don't keep or want business cards.

Gone are the days of making sure you had enough of those landscaping cards with you before an event or before going to see an important prospect (especially a consultation). No one cares about the cards - and no one will remember to keep them around. Your target market (those homeowners who want to invest in their home spaces) didn't find you because of your landscaping cards and will certainly not be making a decision on your proposal based on your card - whether you have them, how fancy they are - or anything about them at all. In fact, you might lose points by leaving them around. It's time to replace them with something your soon-to-be clients and current clients can value and relate to. 

Inbound marketing for landscaping contractors is based on the foundation of attracting, converting, and keeping clients happy with meaningful and relevant content. Your job title and logo aren't useful to this. 

When you leave your client's home after a consultation, whether its your first - or the big proposal/bidding day, the homeowners will have already learned about you through your company Facebook company, maybe even searched your personal page, (read more about what Facebook can do for your landscaping business here). They've read reviews and many of your blogs. They've likely found your website because of your blogs (and if you're not getting enough leads, read more here). 

So exit the screen - don't submit your order of business cards! It's time reevaluate your sales approach and grow your business - with today's relevant and effective marketing services. 

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-image at top Jason Rogers via Flickr