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2018 Unilock
Co-op Program

Exclusively for Unilock
Authorized Contractors

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Marketing that makes sense for
today's world.


WE ARE SO EXCITED to introduce to you the 2018 Marketing Co-Op Program! Offered exclusively to Unilock Authorized Contractors, the program’s offerings are designed for success in today’s world. Unilock is investing in your success by covering up to 50% of these cutting-edge services.


It's time for a new approach.




People are busy and scattered. What you do on your website must be connected to your Facebook, email, and other advertising.


Consumers research online for over 2 months on average before you ever hear from them. What are they finding?


Modern consumers are sick and tired of traditional advertising. In 2018, it’s time to stop yelling your message and start helping customers learn.

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We layered the marketing services based on what your customers care about most combined with what brings you the most value. The website comes first (after your business ops) because everything after your website drives people to your website. And yes, most people will visit your website regardless of how they found you. Referral? Went to your website. Facebook post? Went to your website. Don’t pour money into Adwords or a brochure (or anything else) unless your website is in top-notch shape!

 website design for unilock authorized contractors

Website Design

Your website is — hands down — the most important marketing property that your company has today. With almost every single consumer turning to online research to find and learn about service providers, your website is the central “hub” for everything else you do. Prospects from social media, email marketing, Google AdWords, offline advertising, and even word-of-mouth referrals will all be going to your website to learn more about you.

6 design templates to choose from (click to view):
Each template is customized for your brand, projects, and information. 


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Over 51% of your visitors will be on a mobile device or tablet, so when you look at your site, pull out your phone.

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You are now selling high-end, luxury outdoor living spaces. Prospects are no longer tolerating outdated websites.

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Your website is truly the center of your marketing. It’s where all the data will be collected, where leads will go and where sales will be won.


“We have been incredibly happy with the quality and functionality of our new website purchased through the UNILOCK Co-Op Program.”

- Amendola Landscapes

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The Monthly
Marketing System

This proven digital marketing system includes Facebook and Houzz management, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, website updates, and extensive monthly reporting. The foundational elements of a successful digital marketing strategy are brought together in one, easy-to-use approach.

 content, seo, and social media marketing for unilock authorized contractors

What does the system include? 

Comprehensive keyword research and tracking based on your exact service area.
Monthly original content for your blog (4 articles) based on keyword rankings.
Posting on Facebook (articles plus major holidays) plus Instagram or Twitter.
A starter Facebook Ad budget - targeting your ideal potential customers.
Monthly email campaign to subscribers that inlcudes articles plus relevant key messages.
Complete Houzz setup.
Comprehensive monthly report with traffic and keyword rankings.


“Working with Anna and Corey has been an amazing experience. They are the piece of the puzzle our company was missing. They have transformed our website, and social media to now represent how our company has evolved...We are getting an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from new and exciting customers. ”

— Above All Masonry

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Print + Digital Brochure

Leave behind this high-quality sales brochure to set yourself apart from the competition and close more sales. This impressive statement is more like a magazine than a tri-fold, telling a story about how your services are the perfect solution to your prospect’s problem. Choose from 6 design templates: 4 pocket folder brochures and 4 square brochures. See templates: 


“I saw the sales brochure today and it’s GREAT! Well written, well composed. Our actual installation photos blended really well with the Unilock stock photos.”



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 google adwords for unilock authorized contractors

Google Adwords

Perfect to grab the attention of those searching for the services you offer!

Google AdWords is an awesome short-term solution for driving visitors to your site while you’re busy building your SEO, content marketing, and social media plans. We use our deep industry knowledge to get you the most from your advertising dollars while making the process easy to understand and track.


Program Case Study

Above All Masonry

Unilock Authorized Contractor, Above All Masonry Design, took full advantage of the Unilock Co-Op Marketing Program in 2016. Looking to attract higher-end customers and grow their company, owners Lis and Stephen Bono worked closely with Halstead Media to launch the Monthly Marketing System and redesign their website.

With their improved Facebook presence, effective SEO, consistent email marketing, and new website in place, their year-over-year website traffic grew over 16%, and higher-end customers started to notice their new look. Above All began booking the largest design/build projects in their company’s history. With a 2017 season that was booked out months in advance, Lis and Stephen have seen firsthand the power of the Unilock Co-Op Marketing Program.

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Facebook ads for Unilock contractors

Facebook Ads

Facebook is perfect getting in front of potential customers who are not looking yet.

With demographic targeting and a user base second to none, Facebook just may be the most powerful ad engine on the planet. Many Facebook users can’t differentiate between Facebook ads and posts in their newsfeed, so it’s a great way to start getting in front of your potential customers before they search. While powerful enough to attract new potential customers, Facebook ads are also ideal for retargeting: reaching people that match an email or phone number you have or those that have visited your website.


Not sure where you start? Your website is your first and most important priority. Every advertising effort will work to drive people there. 

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Put your best foot forward with your best projects.

High quality photos of your design/build work form the foundation for effective social media campaigns, strong website design, and for sales strategy that works to close more of the leads you get into sales. Professional  photography of 3-4 projects and editing. Also includes use of a professional go-pro like waterproof camera to setup for a project for timelapse (if possible). Professionally written project description (to use on AC website). 100 copies of a templated portfolio booklet with images, case studies, and company services/about info.
*A la carte photography available upon request. 

 photography for unilock authorized contractors

"The Unilock Co-Op Program was super easy and Halstead’s work is always top notch and very professional.”

- Landworx of NY

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2018 Unilock Co-Op Marketing Program
Menu, Pricing, and Details

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