Case Study: Cockburn Christmas Tree Farm Website Redesign

a new website for christmas tree farm in Garrison, NY

About the Company

Cockburn Farm, based out of Garrison, NY has been growing and selling trees since the early 1980's. The farm is famous for providing among the most exquisite Christmas trees in the northeast - so much so that they've been known to provide trees for special homes like the White House. Under new ownership, the tree farm got a new digital presence in 2015 with a one page website. Coming back for a second season under this new ownership, the farm expanded it's services to an experience. With Santa visits and a Farm store and increased foot traffic, the farm was ready for a more robust online presence. 

How We Helped

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The previous website included an image for the whole website - so editing text was impossible (particularly important for a company with events and varying hours during the holiday season!). This also contributed to a lack in Search Engine Optimization due to the lacking text. 

The new website came with the bells and whistles needed to promote this now Christmas destination Christmas Tree Farm.

Starting with the overall look and feel, the fonts, colors, and overall style all represent the farm's brand: classic, cheerful, celebratory, and elegant. And since the company had limited images, we used all stock images that looked local and relevant to the area as well as the business type. Everything really spoke to and resonated with Cockburn Farm's target customer.

With the new website launching just weeks before the beginning of the Christmas Tree season, AdWords and a new Facebook account helped the company gain a stronger immediate online presence.