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First, we’ll get you quick results. Then we’ll get you even better results through our data analysis and constant campaign evolutions.

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Facebook ads go hand in hand with Search Engine Marketing in Westchester, NY

There is a science to creating Facebook and Instagram campaigns that bring you the most for every dollar.


And the scientific process is constant. It begins with keyword and demographics research, it moves to content strategy and creative production, and then it all goes live. And that’s just the start. Because the plethora of insights and performance metrics that these social ads provide allow us to constantly evolve and revise your landscape/hardscape ads so they’re reaching the absolute best consumers — ensuring that you’re getting the most from your ad dollars.

In fact, Facebook and Instagram Ads are now the most economical forms of advertising available. We work with design/builds, dealers, and build product manufacturers that run the full scale of sizes and budgets, starting with those spending just $500/month plus $500 for ad management.


What Do You Get From Partnering With Halstead Media?

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Strategic Funnel Approach

Depending on the ad budget of your design/build company, we’ll recommend some kind of funnel or progression of ads based on the consumer journey. For example, first we’ll create an ad that introduces you to your target consumer with an image of your latest finished hardscape project. Then, using the platform’s analytic tools, we’ll target users who showed interest in that ad with more specific and detailed ads. Then, from those who show even more interest, we’ll close the sale, giving them an exclusive offer, a quote, or something else that acts as a serious call to action. This way, your ads are reaching the right people with the right messaging along their purchase path.

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Finding Your Audience

We know your design/build business has a specific target customer market in mind. But when it comes to identifying that target on social media, we may go about finding them in several, often unexpected ways. But just trust us. Targeting interests like fine jewelry may seem irrelevant to landscaping, but it helps us know that an individual has a high income, which is in fact part of your target. Sometimes, your target may be on one platform more than the other. Like manufacturers tend to reach contractors better on Instagram. We’ll do all the necessary research to ensure you’re advertising on the most effective platforms. And, while we build audiences full of new leads, we also can reach specific lists of people using your file of email addresses, names, and phone numbers for super specific, retargeting messaging.

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Test. Learn. Improve. Repeat.

When we create a social ad campaign, we go all in. Campaigns often have over 20 ads — and that’s just for one target audience and a couple of hardscape services! We do this so that we can evaluate, in real time, which ads are performing best. That way, we can reallocate your budget and put it behind the strongest pieces. Ensuring the best is what’s being seen. Facebook and Instagram also allow us to change pictures and buttons, goals, links and text, all to tinker with effectiveness and improve results. And speaking of results? We track all the metrics that are relevant to your campaign goals to make sure we’re hitting all the marks out of the park. We can even use your ads in conjunction with SEO to find even more data and get maximum exposure!

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We Work With You

When you work with Halstead Media, you know exactly where your advertising money is going. We use your social platform’s ad account for 100% transparency. You can always log in and see performance, anytime. And as part of our commitment to keeping you involved with the process, we explain what we’re doing for your design/build company every step of the way. And it doesn’t hurt that we can help you create content with our professional videographers, photographers, and drone video operators.

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Facebook Ads for Landscape Lighting Company

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Case Study: Facebook Ads


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Making sense of Facebook audience insights for your business

... Quality data about your customers and potential customers is key to running a successful business. In days past, collecting this sort of information was a time-consuming process involving weeks of gathering data through surveys and questionnaires and then transcribing that research into readable charts and reports. Design/build companies that could afford this sort of research paid a small fortune for it, because they knew how valuable it was for their business in order to modify their products, services and advertising to better attract and satisfy their clientele.

Now this sort of information is readily available: fully compiled and ready to work with, provided you know how to read and use it...


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