Halstead Media helps small businesses grow with small business marketing, SEO, website design, and marketing consulting

We're a different kind of marketing agency.

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency that believes in the power of inbound and content marketing to transform businesses and the lives of those who run them.

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It all started with...

We're are a small digital marketing agency located in Westchester, NY that carefully chooses every project we take on. Led by husband and wife team, Anna and Corey, Halstead Media brings an incredibly effective balance of small business knowledge and Fortune and Global 500 experience. We deliver fully-integrated digital marketing strategies that drive measurable results for businesses throughout North America and Canada. 

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Who We Are

By building strong relationships with our clients, we are able to both understand and deliver on their business goals. Whether it's to building better connections with various channels or creating campaigns to drive bottom line growth, our leadership is hands on with every client we work with. The best talent isn't limited to a zip code or a city, especially when looking for deep industry or skill expertise. We've modeled our business to this understanding - which means we rely on experts. Using a distributed workforce, our team is comprised of talented, passionate, and knowledgeable professionals that reside all over the world



Corey Halstead

Bringing his lifelong passion and knowledge of landscape design, build, and hardscape inventory management - Corey knows the design/build industry inside out. He is in charge of brand creative strategy for Halstead Media as well as for every brand we take on. Every website design is led with Corey's direction. Corey also handles account management - so you will only speak with either Corey or Anna. Corey is the one you can plan on being obsessively researching marketing trends.

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Anna Halstead

Bringing her big business experience into Halstead Media means Anna obsessively looks to raise the bar for marketing in small-large home improvement companies. Anna is in charge of ongoing content, social media, and brand presence. At Halstead Media, she's in charge of programs & talent management along with processes. And with Corey, Anna handles account management - which of course means our clients will always speak to one of us. Anna leads all social media strategy.


Meet Our Core Team


Michael Taljaard
Content Strategy Manager

Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, Michael has a Bachelors in English & Psychology. He is a Penguin published author and has a deep knowledge in construction and landscaping. Michael handles SEO keyword strategy and content planning. Editing every single article for client blogs, he is the final touch for these blogs on websites and social media accounts.


Melinda Ylismaa
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Melinda manages SEO and social media at Halstead Media. Melinda holds a Masters degree in Marketing and she has a vast experience from sales and marketing in retail and the food industry. Aside Finland, Melinda has lived in Italy, Denmark, and in the US and she speaks four languages.



Mykola Gogol
Web Designer & Developer

As a SquareSpace Circle Member and over 40 websites brought to life online, Mykola uses Corey's design guidance to create websites that intrigue, persuade, and promote conversions. Designing mobile first website, Mykola brings beautiful designs to life that represent the business.


Matej Robar
Web Designer & Developer

Based out of London, Matej discovered his passion for web design through his involvement in startups - helping small, medium, and large companies define and express themselves, online. Today he specializes in SquareSpace, working alongside Corey's design direction for industry standards and requirements, Matej creates websites for a mobile first experience. 


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Aggelos Maraslis
Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Specialist

Based out of Greece, Aggelos is a Certified Google Professional (Google AdWords Qualified - Search Advertising). Aggelos manages strategy and development of Google Adwords Campaigns and ads as well execution of many Facebook Advertising campaigns, under Anna's guidance.

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Graphic design artist



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Ginny Bartolone
Senior Copywriter

Ginny Bartolone is a writer, blogger, and content marketer from the NYC area. Since 2009, she has closely collaborated with a wide variety of brands and businesses across the home improvement and lifestyle industries. Her writing has been featured on many home design & health brand websites. Ginny creates compelling, industry specific text for websites.


Caitlin Weiner
Senior Writer & Infographics

Based out of the Hudson Valley, NY, Caitlin is a strategic writer and inbound marketer. With a Bachelors of Science in English and minor in Classical Studies, her professional writing stretches from Homer to home improvement. When not writing, you can find her hiking the Hudson Valley and consuming large amounts of coffee.


Content Contributors

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Andrea Nestoroska

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Elaine Barnard

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Rebecca Boykin


Jody Scully


Salman Memon