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Today, companies are tasked with changing the way they find new customers, grow their sales, and create loyal fans and strong relationships. We're here to help.

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"97% of consumers use internet when researching local products & services."

- BIA/Kelsey


We help businesses grow with our digital marketing systems.


Building a successful business requires many different marketing efforts, all working together seamlessly. We pull together everything that's needed - and nothing that isn't - and create an effective system that attracts new customers, helps you close those customers, and creates loyal fans of your company. 

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Customers are searching online everyday. Are they finding your business?

Great content that is written for a specific purpose and optimized for search engines. That's what works today. Where are your prospects in their buying journey? How do they think and how do they phrase things? What is truly helpful to them? Content marketing isn't just about having a blog, it's about creating meaningful content that resonates with your buyer, while helping them learn. 

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Let's Close Your New Leads into Paying Customers.

Calls-to-Action that include forms and landing pages. All geared to a specific type of customer that this visitor is. These engaging opportunities are placed throughout your website and managed through marketing campaigns. This step gets you the visitors contact info and provides you the opportunity to close them.

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Make Your Customers REALLY Happy.

The ultimate goal of small businesses everywhere is to have customers that truly love their products or services. We call these REALLY happy customers 'Loyal Fans.' These customers are super important to the growth of your local business as they spread the word to their family and friends which starts this cycle all over again. 

Included in our monthly marketing systems, we work hard to create Loyal Fans for the businesses we partner with. Growing word-of-mouth marketing, past customer referrals, and online reviews is an ongoing effort critical to long-term growth. 


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Your website should be your best salesperson.



Your website should be the center of all your marketing. After all, it's the place where almost all of your customers will go to learn about you. The essential hub to which your social media, email marketing, AdWords, and even offline advertising, link back to. When done correctly, your website provides measurable insights that will change the way you run your business for the better.

Fully responsive, mobile-optimized, beautiful to look at, and easy to use, our websites are designed from the ground up for driving traffic, qualifying leads, and closing new sales. 


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Hmmm. Perhaps now's a good time for a little bit of bragging?

Website Design in Long Island, NY, Westchester, NY

Website traffic increases over 16% year over year for a Long Island, NY small business.

Halstead Media started with an upgraded content strategy first. Beginning around April 2016, we carefully researched the keywords their current website was optimized and compared it to the desired keywords (which we identified using keyword analyzing tools combined with the services Above All wanted to design/build). 

From there, and then monthly, we created blog content geared to those keywords and of course, locations. Locations were chosen primarily by desired service locations combined with population and average household income.  

A few months later, the results were in. Above All was ranking for keywords in cities that were important. The results? 16% increase in traffic, year-over-year, for the same time period. All along, these posts were shared on Facebook and emailed to subscribers. 

Now it was time to prepare for the website's transformation. Starting with the logo design, we gave Above All the new, sophisticated look & feel. Staying close to the original colors, we maintained circle in the previous logo. The final logo is elegant, professional, and high-end. 

As for the website, the final new look for this design/build company is now revealed. The new websites represents the company’s now higher-end design and installation style. The projects are no longer lacking proper organization (projects were previously categorized by city rather than by type). A consistent sidebar which felt intrusive on pages in which a contact form in the sidebar was unnecessary is now gone. Fonts, colors, and text all represents the higher-end quality work that Above All is passionate about.


"We are getting an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from new and exciting customers. Their marketing advice is such an important part of their service to us. They are always available to discuss and brainstorm guiding us in the best direction. We highly recommend them."

— Lis, Above All Masonry Design, Long Island, NY


Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. 


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YOUR MARKETING TEAM. Our company is designed to work hand in hand with yours. Your growth and success is what fuels us, so whatever it takes to get the job done is what we do. 

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IT'S IN THE NUMBERS. Marketing is tough. There's no set in stone magic bullet for success. While we have many formulas and systems from our vast experience, things will need tweaking. We constantly optimize for the best results using data.

website design and marketing in westchester, ny

RESULTS-DRIVEN. While we may have certain deliverables in place as a standard metric - number of blogs posted in a month for instance - we measure our success on yours.

website design and marketing in westchester, ny

CONSTANT REPORTING. We share with you a wealth of information every month. Using custom analytics dashboards, we strive to deliver information that is clear and actionable. Every metric of your marketing system is explained.


Plans + Pricing

3 easy-to-use marketing systems designed to drive results.

*We offer unlimited site updates to our website redesign customers with a monthly plan. 

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Let's get in touch.

HALSTEAD is a boutique digital & content marketing firm based in Westchester, NY —a short drive North of NYC.


"Halstead Media Group created a site that allows potential customers to easily navigate through the pages and pictures to learn more about our company! More importantly, the SEO package is a must for driving customers to the site. Halstead Media Group connects us to an online customer base, which is essential for any business to thrive! Outstanding customer service and attention to detail" - Jen at Harmony Hill Landscaping in New York.

Whether your just launching a new farm to table restaurant, looking to fill enrollment for a daycare, or you're a national manufacturer looking to develop stronger channel relationships, we're here to help.

We love working with growth-oriented companies to design a marketing plan that's perfect for their needs. Our goal is to help you reach your goals.  

Provide us some information and we'll be sure to get right back to you.