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Helping the right customers find your design/build business at the right time.

SEO is the unsung hero of digital marketing. It may not be as glamorous as social media campaigns or video ads, but it can be the hardest hitting of tactics. The best part of SEO with Halstead Media? It actually works. With our expert, proven, and algorithmically relevant strategic approach, you will reach customers who are actively seeking services like yours — whether they’re looking for design builds, dealers, or build product manufacturers. You’ll be served up as the perfect choice at the perfect moment.

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SEO agency for landscapers in California, NYC and New Jersey

Leave the technical, web geek stuff to us. Just sit back and see the results.


"The SEO package is a must for driving customers to the site. Halstead Media Group connects us to an online customer base, which is essential for any business to thrive!"  - Jennifer of Harmony Hill Landscaping in NY.


SEO that you can see and measure. NO more mystery.

Our content-driven SEO marketing techniques increase search engine rankings while simultaneously heightening your credibility with consumers. The best part? You can actually see how we are doing it instead of wondering where your money is going.

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High quality construction SEO in NYC and New Jersey

We truly believe in the power of our proprietary SEO approach.
Because it works for hundreds of design/builds across the country.

— Some of Our Clients —  


A Selection of Our Clients

ICPI Logo - SEO Services Westchester
Wellsand contractor website design in New York
Innovative construction SEO and contractor website design in Newark NJ
Construction SEO and contractor website design in Miami Florida
Newark NJ top SEO for landscapers
Contractor website design and landscaper SEO in Illinois
Buffalo NY contractor website design and landscaper SEO
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Landscaping marketing ideas in Austin TX
Illinois landscape marketing and construction SEO
Fort Worth TX contractor website design
Landscaper SEO in Arlington TX
Premier contractor website design in New York
Fort Woth TX contractor website design
Landscaping marketing ideas in Los Angeles CA
Landscaper SEO and modern contractor website design in NYC
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Landscape marketing ideas in Dallas, Austin TX and elsewhere in Texas
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High-quality landscaper seo
Effective landscaper SEO in New Jersey and Texas
El Paso TX innovative SEO for landscapers
Landscaping marketing ideas for contractor website design in Buffalo NY
Landscaping marketing ideas in Fort Worth TX
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Long Beach CA construction SEO and contractor website design
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Jacksonville FL landscaping marketing ideas and SEO for contractors
SEO for contractors in Oakland CA
Houston and San Antonio TX landscaper SEO and contractor website design
Los Angeles CA landscaper SEO and contractor website design
Chicago, Illinois top construction SEO and contractor website design
Jersey City NJ SEO for contractors and contractor website design
SEO for landscapers in Arlington, El Paso and Austin TX
Top construction SEO in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas TX
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Unilock - construction SEO in Buffalo, NY
Contractor website design and landscape marketing in New York City
Landscape marketing in Arlington TX
San Antonio TX effective construction SEO
Construction SEO and landscape marketing in Dallas TX
SEO for landscapers in El Paso TX
San Antonio TX landscaping marketing ideas and landscaper SEO
New York City construction SEO and landscape marketing
Chicago IL stunning contractor website design and landscaper SEO
Landscaper SEO NYC
SEO for landscapers and construction SEO in New York City
Landscape marketing ideas in El Paso and Arlingtont TX
Top landscaping marketing ideas and construction SEO in NYC
Top SEO for landscapers in San Antonio TX
Landscaping marketing ideas in California
Top contracotr website design in Jersey City NJ

A Selection of Our Clients

Contractor website design in Illinois and top landscaper SEO in New Jersey
Pool builder SEO services in Westchester, NY

What does content creation have to do with SEO? And why should you care?

Buckle up. This is a long one. But learning about our approach to SEO marketing could be the difference between a thriving and just a surviving design/build business. Whether you’re targeting a hyperlocal, regional, or national client base, adding regular and relevant content to your company’s website does two things. Of course, it increases the sheer number of keywords and activity on your site, thus improving your search engine rankings. But it also creates helpful resources for customers who are actively searching for information and services like yours. These customers will first see you as a helpful source — and then as a stand out choice to do business with.

This, in the marketing biz, is called inbound marketing. And it works. In fact, outbound leads — think emails and banner ads — have an 1.7% close rate on average while inbound leads have a 14.6% close rate (source: Search Engine Journal).


So, how exactly will Halstead Media work with you to implement a stellar inbound marketing approach?

First, we start with the keywords.
Core keyword selection is determined by search volume of individual keywords in your design/build business’s service area, conversations on what services you want to promote, industry research, and geographical phrases based on the business’s location as well as relevant household income/population data.

What else do we do when it comes to refining SEO keywords for your business?

  • We follow Google Algorithm Standards and are always on top of changes and trends.

  • We partner with MOZ for keyword monitoring, the SEO industry’s premiere tracking tool

  • We provide keyword performance reports to our clients every month.

Our techniques include off-page SEO as well (meta tags, alt tags, and more). Pieces of the SEO puzzle that less experienced firms ignore because it’s not as glamorous or consumer facing.

Next comes the star of the show: the content.

We can do all of the things above, and your website performance will increase. But will it reach its full potential? Not quite. That’s where a regular schedule of content publishing comes in. Think about it. More writing means more keywords for search engines to comb through. More content means more activity for search engines to recognize. And on the consumer side of things, more articles means your landscape design and build business emerges as an expert in your region and category.

That leads us to our biggest commitment and promise when it comes to our content-driven SEO strategy: Our writing puts humans first and search-engine robots second. Our content will always read naturally and flow conversationally ­— ensuring every piece is useful to your customers.


How do we approach creating such content for your site?

  • We write only original content for every client, every time.

  • All of our articles are first written by landscape/hardscape industry insiders and then edited by a professional writer to ensure quality of message and style.

  • Our articles are ghost-written, meaning they will always be written in your company’s unique voice and from your business’s perspective.

  • Each article targets a specific group of keywords and/or city to tap into SEO goals.

  • These articles also tend to attract a following outside of SEO rankings. Consumers will soon know to come to your business for information — building the kind of trust and lasting relationship that lead to sales.

What about the results?

Search algorithms are complicated beasts, and results can be slow at first. Depending on the age of the website and the existing content, our clients tend to see results in approximately 5-6 months. But once the new strategy starts gaining traction, there’s no stopping the traffic and the leads. And if your design/build company already has an effective SEO plan using content creation, we can help you ramp up your results by reaching out to our network of industry website editors. We can create guest posts on your business’s behalf for their sites — thus deepening your reach, your site’s external connections, and your business’s credibility.

So, are you done searching for an SEO partner? Because we’re ready to get to work for you.

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Search through some of the SEO Projects We’ve Worked On

(And continue to work on. The world of SEO is always evolving, and we’re always on for our clients.)

Unilock NY

Unilock NY

SEO for a Stoneyard/Garden Supply Center

SEO for a Stoneyard/Garden Supply Center

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping

Platinum Group

Platinum Group

Harmony Hill Landscaping

Harmony Hill Landscaping

SEO for Landscape Design/Build Company

SEO for Landscape Design/Build Company

Above All Masonry Design

Above All Masonry Design


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