Houzz for Landscape Contractors

Houzz for for landscape contractors provides leadgen. Contractor marketing on Houzz is today's landscaping business card.

Over 25 Million unique users a month. 90% of users own homes. Most users are looking for inspiration and ideas because they are planning to do a home project in the near future. Hmmm, need I say more?! Sounds like a dream spot to promote your landscape construction firm.   

The relatively new site—Houzz.com was only founded 6 years ago—has completely revolutionized the home services and home remodeling research process. And while many architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, custom home builders, and landscape architects have been reaping the benefits of the focused audience Houzz provides for years now, landscape contractors have been slow to make their presence on the site known. Over the last year or so however, landscape companies with 2 to 6 million in annual revenues are starting to see the light. 

Perhaps the resistance to join the Houzz party (get it?) is due to the intimidating quality of project photography featured on the site. Many landscape contractors today still fail to catalog their portfolio of work with high-quality, professional photography. And while on other social platforms companies can sidestep this hurdle, when it comes to Houzz.com, project photography is everything. It is—first and foremost—a visual platform for homeowners to get ideas, inspiration, and increasingly to find professionals to hire. Houzz is a key part of marketing for contractors today.

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I know, I know…most landscape contractors only service a small geographical area so most of the eyeballs that see your work will not be able to act on it. Enter geo-targeting. Houzz.com now offers super-targeted landscape advertising opportunities for members with a Houzz Pro+ account. So whether you wish to reach design-savvy homeowners in all areas of the country, or focus only on a few counties in your state, Houzz is a great vehicle. 

That's it. Pretty easy, right? Hire a professional photographer to cover your best work. Signup on Houzz.com for a Pro+ account. Upload your project pictures and complete all the information on your profile page and start your geo-targeted advertising campaign. Too much time for you to dedicate? Rather focus on running and building your business? Hire a marketing company that understands your specific industry to handle the process. 

Whichever route you decide to take to get it done, you gotta' do it. Landscape contractors, outdoor living specialists, custom pool designers and pool installers, and building products manufacturers should all be active on Houzz.com. 

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