How to Stand Apart from Your Competition

Home construction companies, landscapers, pool companies, architects, and kitchen design firms need to look at a niching their businesses even more to stand apart.

Most indoor and outdoor living businesses are local and highly competitive. Sure, there are firms focusing on the general high level differences. For example, landscaping, architecture, construction, pool companies (suppliers and installers), and kitchen design firms. But even within those categories, competition is highly aggressive. To dive into landscaping -  there are 90,000 of you in the United States! As this home industry continues to grow, more entrepreneurs are entering the market. 

Enter the "me-too" company - charging inexplicably less, gaining popularity in a small community, and all of a sudden, taking your prospects to them. The demand for effective brand positioning has never been higher.There is, more than ever before, a need to set yourself apart from the other businesses in the neighborhood or region. Sometimes it's to keep your business steady, or more tragically, it's to turn your business back around after losing incredible amounts of revenue. 

Pick a niche in something specific to landscaping, pool or kitchen design and build, construction, or architecture

Landscaping is not a niche and neither is home construction. Pick something specific to what your business does. Could be something like uniquely shaped pools, patio and decking, additions, - you get the point. Pick something that when people think of it in your region, they'll know you're the person to go to. Now, sure, this might be extremely scary. Most businesses expand their offerings when times get tough so this may seem risky. The reality is that there are too many do-it-alls. Picking a niche that makes sense for your region and makes sense to you (your interests, skills, employee availability, etc.) is your most powerful weapon.

Become a recognized expert in your niche

It's time to own it. Now that you've picked your niche, master it to perfection. Attend trainings you normally wouldn't have before because of the specificity of the topic. Get certifications in that topic. And most importantly, get recognized for your new heightened level of expertise. The easiest way to do this is through your website. Share images of this specialization of your work - ideally, they're images of previous work you've done in that specialty. If you don't have enough, then invest in professional photography. This is not an area to skimp on! The images however won't bring you more people to your site - they will eventually convert those people to calling you. To bring the visitors, written content about your new expertise is essential. Several times a month, share blog posts about how you solve your customers' problems (not just the services you provide). Then, share these posts on your social media accounts regularly. Don't expect results the next day - this takes time.


With your newly defined landscape, construction, or home design business in place, you will gain credibility and authority in your passion for something specific. Be proud of it and allow time for it to happen. More than often, business owners look to transform a business a month before they really need it. That will never happen, regardless of what you choose to do. For this method to work, you'll need enough attention to all the details and a little patience. 

Happy winning!