Increase Margins with a Website Optimized for a Home Services Business

Effective inbound construction marketing for landscapers and home remodelers can help to increase margins.

So a website can bring you leads - bring you traffic - bring you all these terrific results. Whether or not you've read other blogs by the HomePRO team at Halstead Media, it's likely you've heard that having a website, that is well designed and full of content, is the first step in having a powerful and meaningful digital presence. (Related: Is your website optimized?) But how exactly can a website and effective construction marketing increase your margins? There are many ways. Looking at time, overhead, additional sales, and labor - we've come up with some ideas.

Decrease appointment time in the field (time = money)

In the home services industry, your client is a homeowner who is often not available to meet before 6pm - and sometimes as late as 9pm. And you will be there. That's part of this business. Not once, but many times - with each potential homeowner. There is also of course preparation work before each meeting. But what happens when most of your appointments lead to nowhere? You've spent valuable time in the field, after dark, likely with plenty of driving, and away from your family (especially during the early spring). Of course, there isn't anyway to get away from this, but there is absolutely a way to decrease the number of appointments and increase your bid-win rate. Effective, inbound, construction marketing helps to attract visitors and then convert them into leads - all behind the scenes. The content on your website is continuously working on bringing these homeowners through the cycle - so that when they do get to you on the very first phone call or form submission, they're truly qualified. Resulting in: More qualified leads = less appointments = more projects. 

Reduce the need of a sales rep, or two

Going back to the previous mention of your site working continuously to drive traffic, it's your digital sales rep. The rep that works non-stop - at all hours of the day, attracting people that are searching terms that are similar to the services you offer. (Read more about Google's algorithm changes here). As these prospects search and read your content, they either realize that you are offering content that they can relate to or not. If the answer is not, they are gone before you knew they were there. If they find something helpful, they'll keep reading. They visit again. Then they finally reach out to you. The only human intervention so far has been - the writing of the content - and you looking at the reports of this traffic. Your digital sales rep has done all the work in bringing you the prospect that fully understands your services, your quality and passion about your work, and in summary, meets your target market details. Pretty much (and more) than what a non-digital sales rep can do?

Reduce (drastically) print material

In the digital world is where your buyer is. Sure, they might see your direct mail piece  - right before they throw it out. Your door hangers? When was the last time someone called you and said your door hanger prompted them to contact you? If not a few years ago, then how many of those door hanger calls were from people looking for services you really don't want to - or can't - install? Hopefully you learned this on the phone and not at your 8pm appointment! Today's buyer recognizes their problem, is inspired, and review construction companies online. Even when asking their friends or neighbors, they do it online (likely in a Facebook group). Effective construction marketing does almost (or everything) you do in print and does it better, online. The best part is - you can track results. Inbound marketing with Hubspot or other similar marketing tracking software helps to show you how much traffic you are getting and eventually, shows you exactly what pages your prospective customers viewed before reaching you. Goodbye direct mail!

Not just any marketing 

Not just any home or landscape construction website will help bring higher margins. Inbound marketing focused on content and inbound will drive these benefits above. Haven't heard of inbound marketing? Read about it here. When considering investment options for your marketing (whether it's home or landscape construction or kitchen/bath remodel) a key point to remember, is that when you invest in high quality content in your website, you gain a permanent product (e.g. blog post) - something very different from let's say, a Google Adwords campaign. Therefore, when considering costs of inbound construction marketing versus something like Google Adwords - keep in mind the longevity of your product you've paid for!