Landscape Contractors: Do you know your target customer?

Sell more landscaping projects by learning to reach your ideal landscaping client, ultimately making your marketing more effective. 

It’s tough to market your landscape construction company effectively if you’re not sure exactly who your ideal customer is. Making your marketing more effective is something every company aims to do. 

Effective marketing today has to be a conversation. In order to engage with prospects and create impactful connections, it is super-important to have a clear understanding of who your landscape company’s ideal customer is. How old are they? What do they do for a living? Do they have kids? Where do they live? Spend some time and really get to know your customer. 

Often referred to as the buyer persona, this information is crucial to the success of any inbound marketing campaign for landscapers. 

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That said, many of the landscape contractors we speak with haven’t made the effort to uncover this information for their own businesses. When I ask owners of landscape construction companies what they specialize in and what does their ideal project look like, I often hear that they will take on any type of project big or small. They will do stand-alone drainage work. They will put in a 200 sq. ft. walkway. They will install a $200k outdoor living oasis with outdoor kitchens, poolside cabanas, and fire features or mow a residential lawn for $40. And while this approach may be necessary in times of economic downturn, it is not a great long-term strategy. Read more about how to increase your average project size here.

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So this begs the question then—what does your ideal project look like and who exactly is the buyer of that end product? Chances are pretty good that if you’ve been in business for a few years or more, the answer lies in the work your outdoor living company has already completed and the revenue numbers associated with that work. All you have to do is dive in.

Over the upcoming winter months, take a hard look at what your company is best at. Where do you and your employees excel and what projects are best for the size and infrastructure of your company? Chances are that you will find a loud screaming niche that you should focus on dominating. Once you have that information, you can effectively develop the buyer persona that matches that niche. Then, you will reach your ideal landscaping client, sell more landscaping projects, and grow your business.