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6 Alternatives to Landscaping Business Cards

Ah, the good ol' landscaping business cards. Spend hours designing them, leave one behind after every conversation.. sounds familiar? It seems like business cards have been around forever. Have you ever tried to figure out how many customers they bring in? I'm sure you'll agree they might have served their purpose well in the past, but there are other solutions out there better equipped to keep you at the forefront of your customers' minds. We've got some ideas to help you get your creativity juices rolling and finally say goodbye to business cards.

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Your New Landscaping Business Cards

The ritual of buying new landscaping business cards sometimes brings a feeling of renewal. For that short moment, you think of your logo, email address. The best part is probably thinking through your job title. As a landscaping business owner, you choose what your job title is, you think about your title (does it still sound good?). Finally, after you hit your submit on the order, you cross your fingers and hope that these landscaping cards will bring your business more leads and higher revenue projects. These landscape business cards don't end bringing you more projects. And they wont. They're actually the biggest unnecessary cost in your business. The old traditional business cards are rarely used in today's world of relationship building and have been replaced by something a lot more powerful and meaningful: inbound marketing services. 

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Landscape Contractors: Is it time to reevaluate your company image?

The term 'landscaping'—before the outdoor living market explosion—used to conjure up images of a small planting bed in the front of a house, or maybe a small walkway leading to the back shed. And while there were certainly large residential projects being design and installed, the mainstream idea of treating the outdoor areas as an extension of the interior of the home simply wasn’t born yet. The landscape construction industry has really transformed over the last 5 years, and overall, the industry has done a great job evolving with the times.

So why then, do so many of the businesses that live in this new outdoor living market still refer to themselves first as simply ‘landscapers’? 

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