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What To Do When the Home Show Doesn't Produce Enough Leads

Old habits die slowly, very slowly. We often hear landscapers and home builders/remodelers say that they've been doing home shows for 10, 15, and more years. And what we hear just as often is that generating business from a home show is nothing like it used to be. That's not a surprise and it shouldn't be because of one major reason: our global culture has created research junkies.


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How Much Does a Booth in a Home & Garden Show Really Cost?

If you ended with a possible yes from part one of our Home and Garden Show series,  Should Your Home Contracting Business Participate in the Next Home Show?, then you'll want to outline your budget details. A very important outcome of this will be determining your promotional budget - part three in the series. No one wants to build a beautiful and costly booth, and have no one see it. 

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Should Your Business Participate in the Next Home Show?

Custom home builders, landscape contractors, its almost home and garden show season! In preparation for this annual chaotic time, we've lined up a series of topics to help you get the most out of your experience. After all, every marketing tactic must come with some kind of ROI! To get started in this series, lets make sure that your business should really participate in this year's show or two.

As you ask yourself the below questions, be honest with yourself - allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and really provide honest answers! 

If you end up with a yes or need more consideration, read part two in this series: How Much Does a Booth in a Home and Garden Show Really Cost? 

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Keyword Research: Demystified for Home Services Businesses

The mystery of keywords can be similar to the previous mystery of SEO (hopefully you've have received all info to clear any SEO uncertainties - if not, read more here.) You might hear marketers - or even your "SEO person" tell you that they're working on your keywords on your website and your articles to get you more traffic. What exactly does this all mean and how do they find these keywords? Lets us clear the air a bit. Keyword research, in an effective marketing world, involves a couple of steps. We're definitely oversimplifying it here - but hopefully meeting our intention of providing the overview.

But first, why is research into keywords so important? 

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Home Remodelers See A Decline in Home Show ROI. So Whats Next?

Home and Garden shows are simply not what they used to be. While the drastic change in the way homeowners shop for home services companies is certainly a major factor here, technology also plays a huge part.

In the past, home and garden shows have typically resulted in a big surge of leads for landscape contractors, kitchen design firms, and custom home builders who set up their booth and talk to the attendees. The problem with this strategy even when it worked, is that all the leads come in at once at the show and over the next week or so. Yikes! 

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3 Reasons Why Your Landscape Business Should Not be in a Home Show

When it comes time to consider whether or not your landscape business (or pool company) should be involved in the next B2C home show in your area, we know you question the ROI every single time. Things like how many leads you were able to get last year, how many customers you closed, the cost in preparation and day-of execution are the initial questions we hear a lot. There is often a complex answer to the first two - you might not be looking for a lot of leads, you might be looking for a few really good ones, or maybe the lead wont call you for a couple of years; was it still worth it? We know that, in most cases, you should not participate in a the usual home show and here are the top three reasons why. We say "usual home show" because the exceptions include those home shows that cater to your target market = free wine + cheese and elaborate booth spaces of 30x30. Haven't found those home shows yet? Great, then don't participate in a home & show!

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Should Home Shows be a Part of Your Construction Marketing?

The home remodeling industry is growing like a weed. And with growth comes change. Pepper in the fact that the way people want to purchase things today is completely different than even 6 years ago and you've got yourself a complete revolution in the home services space. 

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