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Case Study: Website Design & Monthly Content Marketing for Landscape Design/Build in Long Island, NY

Above All had an existing SEO strategy that involved content marketing. They had a Facebook account, Houzz profile, good looking website, and they had new monthly content pages built on their website, some were even blog pages (and for anyone that knows us here at Halstead Media, you'll know we stand behind content as SEO). They were doing many of the essential puzzle pieces that you would expect to see in a successful landscaping company. So what exactly was wrong? 

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Case Study: SEO & Content Marketing for a US Building Products Manufacturer

An aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing effort kicked off March 2016. In addition to the SEO campaign for the NY region including NY, CT, PA, and NJ, UNILOCK was also looking to harness the power of professionally written content to engage website users, increase website traffic and lead generation, and build brand loyalty across the region. 

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5 Top Mistakes That Contractors Make with Google Ads (PPC)

Lets get something straight: PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is hard. Creating a strategy, implementing it, and getting results seems impossible the first several times you give it a shot. There are hundreds (thousands actually) of settings and combinations to try. If you're getting it wrong (not getting any results) then it's likely that you haven't yet figured out how to work the options. So if you're one of many that has turned to Google AdWords (PPC) for lead generation, then here's a few tips for the road ahead.

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Create a Great First Impression with Your Website

First impressions are meaningless  - said no one ever! Your first impression of basically anything is the foundation to your relationship with that entity - whether it be a person, a business, a place, or thing. Sure, first impressions are sometimes (almost never) editable - with serious hard work. Or you can just make it right (or do everything you can to make it right!).

How does your website do with landing the best first impression with visitors? Does it push people away or make them stay? And those that stick around, are they the right people to be enticing? Or are they the ones that waste yours and their time because they misunderstood your approach and design and/or build services offered? 

Most websites average a 30-60% bounce rate (read more about how Google defines bounce rate here). That's the percentage of people who leave your website right after viewing the only page that brought them to your site. So imagine that - all that hard work on improving your search ranking results

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Keyword Research: Demystified for Home Services Businesses

The mystery of keywords can be similar to the previous mystery of SEO (hopefully you've have received all info to clear any SEO uncertainties - if not, read more here.) You might hear marketers - or even your "SEO person" tell you that they're working on your keywords on your website and your articles to get you more traffic. What exactly does this all mean and how do they find these keywords? Lets us clear the air a bit. Keyword research, in an effective marketing world, involves a couple of steps. We're definitely oversimplifying it here - but hopefully meeting our intention of providing the overview.

But first, why is research into keywords so important? 

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The Difference Between a Blog on Your Website and Inbound Marketing

Not all landscapers are the same. And certainly the same is true for landscap architects. This of course applies to content. Not all of it is the same - not even when compared to 20 blog posts here versus 20 blog posts elsewhere. 

We often hear business owners in this industry comment on their adoption of inbound marketing with their blog. Some may even write a couple (or several) posts a month. They wholeheartedly feel they have incorporated the inbound marketing approach. 

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Marketing for Contractors Starts with Website Optimization

The home services industry is going through an interesting time. GCs, landscape contractors, roofing and siding contractors, kitchen design firms, architects, and interior designers are all facing stiff competition and ever decreasing margins.

With the target market for these businesses doing all their research and decision making online, effective marketing for contractors and the sales process have both completely changed. Today's buyer is extremely educated and now has all the power in the sales process. That's right—ALL the power. 

So what exactly are home services professionals to do? 

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