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Are You Investing Enough on Customers & Employees?

Home remodelers, landscapers, and every home improvement business that deals with appointments and work in the field will say that the most challenging parts of running their business include employees and customers. In other words: people. Hands down, regardless of if its formal surveys or passing conversations, these are the most common two biggest headaches in our industry.

On the flip side, the biggest money and time investments by these same business owners include machinery, materials, and actual time on labor by business owners.

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Should You Do Print Advertising?

With all the marketing options out there - from content, inbound, outbound, print, radio, tv, its hard not to depend on the tried and true advertising options that have existed for what seems like forever. Its probably easier to choose an approach that you know has been around and is familar to you.

Still, no matter how familiar, with all the industry changes as well as marketing changes, now might be the perfect time for you to evaluate print advertising. To help with your decision, you should do print advertising if:

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10 Tips to Creating the Perfect Story Behind the Project Photo

Media Coverage of landscaping or design work is a top need for many marketing executives or business owners in this industry. Of course there are other key marketing essentials (like inbound marketing - which includes blogging and social media). There is however something special about building your reputation in quality work using previously completed projects.

Sure, professional photography is non-negotiable. Whether it costs several hundred dollars or a thousands, its a must. But what happens after the photos and what can you do with them to make sure you're promoting your best work and increasing your chances of media coverage? It starts with getting the right story. A story behind the photos. Something that connects readers and viewers to the work. Words that bring it all to life. 

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Ten Ways to Prepare for the Next Season Now

With the 2016 outdoor living season months away, its easier to spend time and energy thinking about closing out this year by wrapping up open projects and trying to close more projects that can be completed immediately. Sure, this is necessary. But with the average buying cycle lasting over 70 days, now is the time to strategize and start executing towards your 2016 season plans. From improving your cash flow, to increasing efficiency, don't put off planing for the next year any longer. 

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Display Advertising and Inbound Marketing: Is it a possible combination?

It's hard for many folks to switch over from display advertising (magazine, billboards, etc.) to inbound marketing (content king). The new can be scary. Here is the secret: it doesn't have to be a switchover. There are reasons to maintaining both approaches without sacrificing efficacy of either. The trick is to make sure that each approach is designed to complement the other. 

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Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Change is tough...but often it's the difference between success and failure when it comes to sustaining or growing a home services business today. While a large number of small to mid-sized business in the home improvement and remodeling space understand the importance the web plays, very few have really adopted it for their companies. 

We speak the owners of construction contractors, landscape contractors, architects, and kitchen design firms all the time. They tell us they have a professional looking website, run some ads in their county's regional magazine, and have a monthly email marketing blast. 9 times out of 10, the reality is quite a bit different when we explain these things through a transparent, ROI-driven lens.

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What Should Your Next Advertising Move Be?

During business downtime (which always comes at a point in your business that feels like the worst timing ever), many contractors, landscape architects, and designers find themselves looking for quick wins; a quick email blast with the latest pricing offer, a direct mail piece, or anything similar. Unfortunately, that's not how today's buyer thinks or purchases. Sure, there are still plenty of spontaneous purchases being made all the time. Research, however, is more important than ever before for buyers. With so much access to info, like competitors, websites, and reviews - how could anyone skip looking at the tools? 

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Tell the story behind the patio (or kitchen)

Did you ever see someone trying to sell a high-end kitchen remodel with a picture of a lonely stove?

It’s more likely that those beautiful kitchens you see on (get your work in there!) were sold with luxurious photos, personal testimonials, and family stories that help a homeowner visualize what it would be like for their family to cook dinner in that new kitchen.

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Want to Increase Revenue for your Landscaping Business? Start This Fall

Depending on where your landscaping business or pool company is based, Mother Nature can play a huge role in your revenue swings throughout the year. For the companies that we work with that operate out of the Northeast, the length of the outdoor living season is dictated by how early the winter begins and just how long it decides to stay around come “spring”. The last few years in NY and CT, that spring season came very late and it has been very difficult to make up for that lost revenue coming out of the gates. 

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Portfolios and Brochures for Landscaping and Outdoor Living Companies

An important focus for the Strategy Months (this is part two of three series, read the first one hereis the creation of a better way to show off your landscape company’s work. At Halstead Media, we are firm believers in the thought that your catalog of completed work is your best marketing—100%, hands down. The outdoor living projects and landscape projects that your company designs and installs are made of you and your team’s heart, soul, sweat, and pride. The easy part is treating this work with the respect of great photography and great graphic design, allowing it to sell more jobs for your company for years to come. There are two key places you'd use this powerful combination - on your website to convert leads and at your first in-person consultation. 

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Print & Digital Portfolios for Landscape Contractors

A branded portfolio can be really effective in closing the sale long after you leave the prospect’s home. It's a professional leave-behind

The majority of landscape construction industry conducts their sales meetings in the homes of their prospects. And most know, with the extremely competitive state of landscape construction today, that the homeowner will be having just such meetings with at least 2 other companies in their area. In fact, if you have been in business for a few years or more, I’m sure you know exactly which one of your competitors will be sitting at the same table you are based simply on the location and scope of the potential project your bidding on.  Am I right?

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