Website Design for Kitchen Design Firms

Proper website design for kitchen design firms - from a industry specific marketing company.

Newsflash: Everything about the way homeowners shop for kitchens and baths today has changed from just a few short years ago. 

Let’s say an attractive target market for a kitchen and bath specialist is 35+ year old women with HHI’s in excess of $250k/year. This buyer is almost exclusively beginning their research online by soaking up design styles on sites like Houzz, browsing manufacturers websites (not showrooms), and eventually narrowing down their searches a bit more to find possible local companies to work with.

For most, this news is not exactly groundbreaking. And it certainly should not come as a surprise. But what is surprising is how little we see websites that are properly designed to engage prospects during this research and education stage.

Most commonly in the kitchen and bath industry—even if the site is beautiful to look at and easy to use—the site is built for visitors who are ready to contact the company as soon as logging on. "Contact us" buttons are great and certainly necessary. But for prospects just beginning their research— or even prospects halfway through the buying cycle, this "contact us” call-to-action is simply not useful. In fact, research shows they won’t be ready to click “contact” for quite sometime. And unfortunately for businesses that aren’t helpful, these prospects won't be clicking “contact us” at all. Related: Creating a Great First Impression With Your Website.

So what’s the answer? How do kitchen and bath specialists attract traffic to their website, convert that traffic to leads, and ultimately close new business. Pretty easy. really. Rethink everything you think you know about what a website should be and welcome inbound marketing for kitchen and bath companies.

Website design practices rooted in Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales methodologies welcomes visitors in any stage of the buying journey with open arms. Providing valuable, timely, and relevant content for prospects is how kitchen and bath companies win new clients in 2015 and in the future. Read more about Inbound Marketing here

With the help of Hubspot’s marketing automation software, Halstead Media offers our clients guaranteed results with trackable ROI. Websites today should be a company’s most valuable salesperson, guiding prospects through the sales cycle with automated workflows of content offers, email marketing, and social engagement. All this planning, design, and execution has one main goal and result…to increase leads for kitchen and bath specialists. Leads, leads, and more leads. 

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