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We help building products manufacturers create stronger connections with their dealers, contractors, and retail customers. 

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co-op is dead.

The data offers overwhelming proof that something (or several things) has gone wrong with the once relevant co-op marketing system as it pertains to the design/build industry. What exactly happened? And what are the underlying issues that have led to its current depleted state?

In this white paper, Corey Halstead, co-owner of Halstead Media, works to uncover the problems facing traditional co-op programs for building products manufacturers. Backed by over 21 years in the design/build industry, Halstead offers solutions that bring much needed co-op support — both at the installer level and the distribution level — sharing case studies and data to support the case.


The way people shop has changed. Most co-op programs have not. 


Bring your co-op program into the future — into what really works today. Let's face it, you know what works. You don't invest all of your marketing dollars in print advertising or direct mail. Why should your dealers and contractors? With our easy-to-implement and integrate co-op advertising and marketing programs, we help you deliver high-quality, greatly appreciated, and most important, highly valuable programs that drive real results. Let's get back to what co-op programs were truly meant to provide — effective local advertising reach for large brands.  

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Arm your distribution and installation partners with effective tools to better sell
your product to the end user.

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Increase your co-op participation
and more effectively dominate
important local markets.

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Increase brand awareness where it counts most today by helping your dealers and contractors reach consumers online.

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Digital Marketing Designed to Play Nice With Existing Programs.

Co-op marketing and MDF programs have been used by building products manufacturers for many years to create well-rounded marketing plans. While the goals are the same today, many brands offer co-op programs that are misaligned with current effective marketing strategies. Spending millions of dollars each year to encourage your dealers to run newspaper ads, while they are left on their own for digital efforts, is confusing.

How do our digital co-op programs work? We don't strip away everything you're already offering. We plug-and-play services that make sense for you to co-op (e.g. pay-per-click, retargeting), while leaving the traditional marketing services in your co-op program (e.g. direct mail) intact. This makes for a well-integrated marketing plan that fits with your budget. Additionally, with our leadership's vast experience in change management and large scale program implementation, we help manage the entire process, from start to finish. 

So why should you choose one company to deliver these digital marketing services as part of your co-op program? Well, that's an easy answer — to receive a consistently branded, easy to manage result every single time. Receive ongoing, comprehensive reports on your co-op program's performance, ensure you're spending dollars on the right digital marketing efforts, and achieve consistent cost structures across all your markets.



  • Website Design

  • SEO/Content Marketing

  • Social Media Management & Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Google AdWords

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Only 15% of local advertisers are currently participating in
co-op advertising programs. — The Borrell report


Choose a co-op program that's aligned with your company goals.


+increased brand loyalty
+stronger channel partnerships
+more of the right dealers and contractors
+elimination of wasted marketing dollars
+domination of local online presence
+increased product sales

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> Featured Case Study


A New Marketing Co-Op Program for Unilock Authorized Contractors.

Unilock is a premier manufacturer of concrete pavers and segmental retaining wall systems in the U.S. and Canada. The leadership of their Northeast U.S. market engaged Halstead Media for

designing, implementing, and managing a co-op marketing program that would be offered to their valuable network of installation partners — Unilock Authorized Contractors. The initial co-op program was to be offered in NY, NJ, CT, and PA.

Working closely with the leadership of Unilock, Halstead Media needed to understand the company’s overarching goals, the specific goals of the co-op program itself, and how the program could bridge the gap between the two. 

Drawing from our vast knowledge and experience of the landscape construction industry, the team at Halstead Media designed a co-op marketing program comprised of both print and digital offerings that are critical for a successful marketing strategy today. Seamlessly integrating print and digital brochures with important digital services such as website design, content marketing, SEO, and Google AdWords, the new program launched in 2014. 

The result? Overarching consistent branding from Unilock through the contractors — with personalization at the contractor level. This enables the end customers (usually homeowners)

to receive a consistent experience. The added personalization allows contractors to feel that their marketing represents their company. And because it's packaged services, consistent pricing provides Unilock with transparent, consistent costs.

The co-op program has gained incredible steam since the launch with growing program adoption rates and positive contractor and Unilock experiences. And the program was extended into Massachusetts and the surrounding states. 

>> Halstead Media works closely with brands with distinct customer channels, helping them to build stronger partner relationships and to better communicate their message down to the end consumer. 


"It’s history repeating itself. While co-op programs were allowing money for broadcast TV, they would not allow it for cable. Co-op departments were very reticent to change. Because we were still talking about television, ‘cable’ television was not an accepted medium. Fifteen years later, every manufacturer who is providing co-op for TV is providing it for cable too.”  

— Candice Geers, the Boston Globe

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Let's Develop a Co-op Marketing Program That Drives Results to Your Bottom Line — and Makes Everyone Happy Along the Way.

The leadership at Halstead Media knows how to manage various stakeholders, meet your company's goals, and successfully implement large scale programs. 

With Fortune and Global 500 company experience, combined with vast small business experience, we have what it takes to understand you, your dealers and contractors, as well as the end users of the products you offer.


On top of experience with all levels at a company, we are experts in the home improvement industry — from design/build professionals, installation contractors, authorized dealers, and manufacturers — we know this industry inside-out. In fact, it is the only industry we work with. 

We take this level of knowledge and make our partnerships with you easy. We bridge the gap between you and your customer segments — in a way that makes everyone win. Need some change management help for the implementation of these new co-op programs? We can help you there as well. 

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Whether it's a co-op program to strengthen channel partners and grow brand awareness, content marketing implementation, or UX design for your website, Halstead Media is here to help.

We only work with manufacturers in the home improvement industry and we do so with contagious passion. 

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