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landworx of ny

NY Design/build firm realizes niche and dominates through proper photo and video case studies of their stunning projects.


aligning the projects and the brand.

The System Overview.

Since our initial project together—a website redesign—back in 2014, our work with Landworx of NY has spanned an entire digital brand transformation. When we first began working with this unique and talented design/build firm, the quality of work that they were delivering daily to their clients was simply not being communicated in their marketing online, or offline. They were running print ads with less than aligned branding and their growth was being fueled mainly by word-of-mouth. We quickly realized that while a new mobile-optimized website was certainly the foundation for growth, that was only the beginning of their opportunities ahead.

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Brand & Messaging

Landworx is a talented team that delivers a unique style project. Based on our years serving the design/build industry, we noticed this right away. We began the work of shaping that niche, defining it, and ultimately designing the communications that would set Landworx apart from the competition. We did this by letting the style of the projects lead the brand. We transitioned the essence of those projects into a digital brand with craftsmanship, timelessness, and artistry at the core of the messaging.

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project case studies

The most unique assets design/builds have to win projects is by using the best projects already completed. But still, the large majority of firms do not properly catalog their body of work. At the start, Landworx was no different. Their project photos consisted of outdated iPhone shots taken on the last day of construction with dirt instead of grass and no furniture. Working closely with the owner, we began curating their work and shooting professional photos and videos of the best projects. We completed each case study with copywriting that told the story behind each project.

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WEBSITE redesign

When we were brought onboard, the existing Landworx website was not mobile-responsive, utilized only a portion of the screen even on desktop, and was built on a platform that made updates costly and time-consuming. Our team launched a new mobile-first, image and video driven website designed to communicate the Landworx niche. The site serves as the foundation for their marketing system which includes SEO, inbound marketing, paid social media ad campaigns, and more.


SEo and facebook ads campaigns

Looking to attract larger, more sophisticated projects more often , Landworx engaged Halstead to manage their outreach campaigns. They had always relied on referrals, beautifully wrapped vehicles, and a brick-and-mortar location to drive business in the past, so these methods were new. We launched targeted SEO campaigns that drove Landworx to the first page of rankings for important keywords -increasing traffic over 3,000%. Additionally, we launched paid Facebook Ads targeting affluent homeowners in the most ideal service areas. More than clicks, Landworx’s schedule filled with more large, unique opportunities.



"One of the best, most artistic, efficient and friendliest companies we have ever had the pleasure of working with…choosing Halstead was one of the best business decisions we made and we have recommended them many times. We look forward to working with them on all of our advertising needs in the future."

— Landworx, hudson valley, ny 

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defining a design/build niche

‘Landscaping’ becomes artistry and craftsmanship.

The work involved in the Landworx brand transformation is the work we do everyday at Halstead. It’s the work that sets us apart from other agencies…the work that truly connects down to the end consumer because of our deep understanding of what drives purchases in the design/build industry. Backed by this knowledge, we quickly realized the opportunities at hand for Landworx—they were designing and building truly unique projects. With a dynamic website built on an update-friendly platform in place, our team set out to define—and communicate—the niche that would set them apart from their competition. We evolved their brand, told their story through dynamic project case studies, and prepared the company for next-level status. All while building a strong, long-lasting relationship with a talented team of design/build pros.

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More Words From the Client

“The videos came out sick…So awesome!…Pictures look great as always.”

-Pete, Landworx Owner

“super easy to work with and your work is always top notch and very professional.”

-Pete, Landworx Owner

“great job with the website and seo content each week.”

-Pete, Landworx Owner

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Campaign highlights

Building the Landworx legacy through project case studies.

To sell more projects that are the desired value and location, a design/build firm must walk-the-walk. That means showing prospective customers a body of properly curated work and telling the stories behind how you brought those spaces to life. With Landworx, as is the case for many firms, the hard part was already started. They had projects worthy of capturing with professional photo and video - projects that represented exactly those they hoped to sell more of. Halstead set out to curate, capture, and tell the stories behind the unique outdoor living spaces they delivered. We continue to shoot video and photo for Landworx on an ongoing basis, with multiple shoots every year. This new content is then seamlessly used to fuel website updates and social ads campaigns.