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We’ll help you build engaging social media platforms that, in turn, help build trusted relationships with your customers.

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We help you cut through the clutter to create a likeable, relatable business persona that your customers want to interact with.


Properly managed social media accounts engage customers, help keep your design/build business top of mind, drive traffic to your website, and spread your company's word to the people who matter most.

The first thing we do at Halstead Media when starting or refreshing social profiles is look at the data — things like your service area demographics, your target hardscape project size, and your existing customer profile to carve out a unique brand position and voice for your design/build business and strategically curate effective content for your profiles.

This kind of social content is considered “organic” and allows you to interact and engage with existing followers on an ongoing basis. This is critical to establishing a heartbeat for your brand voice and communication. (Bringing in new target consumers is something we do via “paid” Facebook and Instagram Ads, another one of our personalized services.) All in all, maintaining active, genuine, and relevant social profiles is critical to building lasting customer relationships.

Our favorite right now? Facebook Advertising. See why here ->

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Getting Social With Your Customers

Think of your social media pages as your new and improved customer service tool. It makes sense. It’s where your customers are already. It’s where they’re searching for, talking about, and interacting with other businesses. If you’re not there, ready to offer information about your design/build business or the industry, then you’re missing out.


But just being there isn’t enough. Social media is a two-way street when it comes to marketing communications – and a very busy one at that. First of all, when you put your messaging out there through a post, it needs to be framed in a way that creates conversation, reactions, or engagement. And then, when the likes and comments start rolling in, you need to engage. Not with every single one, but with the ones that matter (both the good and the bad). Whether it’s via replies or direct messages, social media is a place for your brand to get personal with customers and build a strong relationship. This constant communication on your brand’s part is called “community management,” and this is something that we at Halstead Media can help with and train you for.

Beyond the personal communication potential that social media allows for, these platforms also gives your landscape design and construction business the chance to establish itself in voice and expertise. But it all comes down to the content you post – visually and verbally. And that’s where the Halstead Media team comes in. We’ll help you determine what kind of assets and photographs you should be sharing, how you should be talking about your work (Hint: Keep it conversational and not so formal and salesy — It’s called “social” media for a reason!), and the scheduling of these posts (from seasonality down to the time of day).


All in all, we’ll help you create engaging social media profiles that #inspire your target consumers with landscape/hardscape design ideas while building trust in your brand and creating top-of-mind relevancy. That way, when those followers are ready to do some work of their own, they’ll know just who to call (or direct message).

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