7 Bad Habits You Need to Break With Your Employees in the New Year

landscape and home remodeling business owners should stop these bad habits with their employees

It's time. You've got your business at a pivotal point. Maybe it's a live or die year or maybe it's a grow more kind of year. Whatever your current state, if it's time to have a killer (net) revenue making year, then we've got the 7 habits that landscaping and home remodeling business professionals must break asap to have their best year yet.

1. Stop trying to do everything in the field. Delegate responsibility to other employees in your company. Notice, we said delegate responsibility, not just work. People will do more and better when they're held responsible.

2. Stop holding back feedback. Praise in public and "punish" in private - everyday! Telling your employees how you feel makes them feel more secure in their position. They'll do more for you. And if they're not doing good, you'll do them a favor to either improve or go somewhere else. 

3. Stop being cheap. You get what you pay for. If you want greatness, you need to pay up. If you can't afford it, reduce your expectations, decrease costs elsewhere to pay more to your best employees, or increase your prices.

4. Let go of people you wouldn't hire again. If you lost every employee you have and you had a chance to rehire anyone you want, who would it be? Let go of everyone who you wouldn't. Now we're assuming you've got a reason you wouldn't  hire those folks. Poor quality? Bad fit? Whatever the reason, help your employee find a better fitting career. Everyone will be happier!

5. Get smarter with training. Stop sending them to useless training just because its winter. Employees understand training to be topics you care about. Think of it from the reverse - training you don't invest in means you don't care about it. Consider outside-of-the-box training topics, such as customer service for a foreman. 

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6. Invest in your people. Encourage certifications and create time and pay for them. Yes, they might leave for another company one day. Everyone will! Do everything you can to make them want to stay. 

7. Stop looking for people with a specific set of skills. You can teach skills but you can't teach character, dedication, loyalty, passion - you get it. Look for qualities that you value in your company and then refer to the above items to make the employees better at their job. Read related: 3 tips for finding better employees.