A Fun History Review of Google's Algorithm Updates from 2003-2015

SEO and Google Algorithms for Construction Marketing

If you have found yourself wondering how inbound marketing come around to transform the marketing history, we've got some answers.

It's been in the making for a really long time, going back to over a decade, when landscapers, architects, and designers were quickly grasping for any high search ranking results with various approaches including using keywords in their URLs, making entirely too long of homepages, and other fascinating magical and secretive tactics. Related: Content Marketing for Landscapers and Home Remodelers.

Fast forward a bit and Google caught on. It realized that the top rankings included anyone who is manipulating all sorts of code on the site - and not necessarily making searchers happy with the content they were receiving. And of course, the businesses didn't receive the leads they expected because the match of business service to potential customer was so poor.

Little by little, Google has worked its own magic to create meaningful results for searchers, producing results that not match the keywords searched, but the intent of the search itself. With content (e.g. blogging), businesses can rank highly by their ability to meet this intent by expressing themselves as a company through their content on the site - such as, of course, blogs.

So here comes the history lesson of the key changes in Google's algorithm, enjoy!

Extra thanks to Hubspot's blog post in providing this visual.

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