Case Study: Watson Supply of Pennsylvania Gets a New Website

The Challenge

Based out of Harrisburg, PA, Watson Supply offers building materials, masonry selections, and supplies to landscape contractors and homeowners. While Watson’s website attracted homeowners in its overall layout, messaging, and style, a key audience was missing: Watson had built a large following of contractors and provided them with ongoing education, but nothing in their website adequately conveyed their ongoing commitment to helping contractors.

How We Helped

Halstead Media built a new website that maintained some elements from Watson’s previous look and feel, including the the supplier’s logo and elegant finishes such as a font, so that the site would continue to resonate with homeowners.

To take the site’s reach further, however, the new version displays information in a whole new way:

  • The homepage offers content (images and text) that appeals to both homeowners and contractors, while the rest of the website offers information mostly geared toward contractors, including a new Education section and a dedicated password-protected pricing section.

  • Homeowners are redirected to the homeowner page via the menu as well as on the bottom of the contractor pages (in case they arrive on a contractor page accidentally).

  • An integrated Unilock products section features direct, automatic updates of Unilock products by pulling product info directly from the Unilock website, therefore removing the need to constantly update product info.

Watson’s New Website:

Watson Supply in Harrisburg, PA gets a new website