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Case Study: Green Foundry, Distributor of Lighting & Fire Features, Gets a New Website

Green Foundry wanted to be less about selling products and more about the relationship that their customers gain by choosing to work with them. Halstead Media built a new website that told the story of the unique business model, using a bright yet sophisticated website design. By using image animations, a simple user-flow, and carefully written copy as well alongside image curation - we told Green Foundry’s story.

Today, Green Found manages their own website through their easy-to-use website platform.

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HalsteadTVEp9: Hardscape Showrooming

It's long past due for the hardscape industry at the showroom level. The kitchen/bath industry has been doing it for years with a ton of success. There are few hardscape dealers jumping on board and killing it. So how do you do it? How do use your concrete paver and natural stone showroom to bring more people in the door?

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HalsteadTVEp8: Stop doing what you're not great at!

Have you ever met anyone who was amazing at everything? Someone who could paint like a pro, prepare architectural drawings, cut pavers, install pavers, run a training workshop, design a brochure, photograph the best angles of a project, write hundreds of words on a specific topic, run social media campaigns, manage a calendar, run interviews, prepare taxes...? I think you're getting the point here. You can't be great everything. It's impossible. But yet you might be doing (almost) everything. What would happen if you delegated what you suck at and did more of what you're amazing at? How would that impact your design/build business?

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HalsteadTVEp5: Don't bring people to the party unless the house is clean!

Getting the most out of everything you do requires looking at the entire puzzle - not just each piece. So step back - look at those core foundational elements - customer service, logo, sales process, and everything else that keeps your business running everyday... before you spend a s*** ton of money of marketing.

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What You Need To Know About Content and SEO

Google accounts for about 90% of all searches (Source: Moz). And 97% of all consumers use online media to research when buying something local (source: BIA/Kelsey’s study). So what does this mean to local home improvement contracting companies? It means that Google is King. It also means that Google is focused on providing quality search results to shoppers, hence its popularity and ability to continuously interest people to use its search engine. 

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Home Contractors: Create strong relationships with your dealers & win

In the small world of home contracting and home services, strong businesses are still built on strong relationships. While a company's relationships with its clients, employees, and sub-contractors are all key, support and respect at the dealer/distributor level may just be the most important. This partnership can offer some hefty rewards if fostered properly—or some hard blows if not. 

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