Home Remodelers See A Decline in Home Show ROI. So Whats Next?

Website design for Kitchen and Bath Remodelers is about driving leads. Say goodbye to home and garden shows today.

Home and Garden shows are simply not what they used to be. While the drastic change in the way homeowners shop for home services companies is certainly a major factor here, technology also plays a huge part.

In the past, home and garden shows have typically resulted in a big surge of leads for landscape contractors, kitchen design firms, and custom home builders who set up their booth and talk to the attendees. The problem with this strategy even when it worked, is that all the leads come in at once at the show and over the next week or so. Yikes! 

Most small business owners in the remodeling industry do not have large sales teams chomping at the bit to try and close these new leads. In fact, many times it's just the owner himself answering the call.

Most of these new leads are going to want their contractor of choice to start their project yesterday, which means that booking out any more than a few months worth of work is next to impossible. Most homeowners will just move on to the other guys that were at the show until they finds someone who has availability to start sooner. 

But let's just say that by some chance you are able to close these leads at a rate above the home remodeling industry average of 33%. Is your small to medium sized construction company able to deliver on the work? Chances are pretty good that with the difficulty owners have with finding good employees, you won't be able to produce. 

So don't home shows seem less than ideal for a construction marketing strategy then? More leads than your company handle all at once with no leads the other months of the year, and if you close at a great rate, your company will sink because you won't be able to scale fast enough to meet demand. 

What if their was a way to reach your target prospects where they shop and research today: online. After all, all relevant research shows that at least 75% of purchases are made only after online research. 

What if you could drive consistent leads throughout the year that your company can actually deliver on? And what this way also allowed for an easy way to qualify leads while guiding them through the sales cycle before you even talk with them? 

Well, there is. It's called Inbound Marketing with HubSpot. Read more about it here if you'd like.