5 Must-Haves For a Killer Home Contractor Website

A perfect contracting website brings enough traffic and leads to keep and grow a business. Here are the top 5 ways to get you closer to a perfect website.

Not sure if your contractor website is up to snuff? Well the answer is pretty easy: are you getting enough leads from it? Aaaahh... okay, what exactly is enough? How do you know your expectations are reasonable? Maybe you couldn't get more, after all John from ABC Landscaping said he only gets 2 leads a month, and you get 3; you must be doing great, right? NO! You're not doing great until you have at least 20 qualified leads a month (some more and some a little less depending on your average project size).

..But you can't get more leads if you don't get more traffic - or a different kind of traffic. So, yes, you likely can get more from your website. 

So lets start with how.

1. KNOW THY CLIENT before anything else. Who is your target market? The work you're trying to sell or are selling really well (and just want more of it) - who is buying it? And if no one's buying it, then you are targeting the wrong type of audience/client. While this seems easy - don't underestimate it. It's not. Income alone isn't enough - just because it appears the client can afford it, doesn't mean they'll want it.

Think about neighborhoods (average home costs and resale values), number of children, lifestyle, etc. You always thought it's the families with multiple children who would want your home addition work. And since there are plenty of homes with household incomes of over $150,000 in an area, that's the target, right? No. What's the average family size? The families with an average of 2 children, are those the ones that have the $150k income? Statistically speaking, the more children in the home, the less the income. Now if you target the families without children, does that mean those people will want your work? Are there enough of them in your target cities? Do you need to expand your reach? Only when you have this and other questions (travel options, average work commute time, entertaining preferences, etc.) can you proceed - and then market your home contracting company to appeal to this target market. Read more about determining your target market here.

2. YOUR CLIENTS VOICE for connecting. Everywhere on your home contractor website, copy (content) should be written in a way that your target clients can understand. Here is where niche marketing firms are super helpful. Yes, an apple means an apple. When writing about it, there are many ways to describe it and refer to it and use it. Your target market, in your region, calls things a certain way and talks about them a certain way. Niche marketing firms know this. Now while every city might be a tad different and will always require extra research, home remodel clients still think similarly - and the way they relate to companies that can help them is the same. So for this item, tone, accent, and imagery - should all be to this target customer.

3. BLOG to attract prospects. Every blog post is another opportunity to tell Google what problems your company solves. Notice, we didn't say what your company does. A blog isn't to brag about how great you did something. Sure, you can have a couple posts of those  - within a year. 95% of the blog articles should be solving your potential customer's problems. For example, "how to increase outdoor living space in a small backyard" or "unique siding combinations for remodels or additions." This is what your prospects are actually searching for in the beginning of their buying process. The sites they see at this point will win their hearts. It's only weeks or months later that these same prospects search for "new pool in xxx city in xx state." If this is the first time that they're seeing your website, then your home construction company doesn't have the chance to build a strong connection and you'd be competing with the others that have. 

There is also the need for making sure you have the right visitors at your site! The right title and the right content will reach the right target market. If you're writing about solving problems that people outside of your target customer market have, then you'll have a lot of wasted time answering unnecessary phone calls.

4. PROFESSIONAL IMAGERY to hold on to the right prospects. Save those quick iphone shots of the incomplete work for Facebook (although maybe you don't want them there either). The more professional and higher quality images you have on your website, the more professional and higher quality your company appears to be. It's really that simple. So if you're losing bids for work that you know your company has a reputation for to a newer company that is higher priced, then professional photography (although other items as well) is a key avenue to pursue.

5. FORMS to convert the visitors to actual leads. Here is the fun part. You might be getting a crap load of traffic. And if you have the above items in place, then its traffic from the right group of people. And yes, some will call you - as they should. But many won't. A form makes it easier for you and your website visitor to connect. 

What makes people fill out a form? Give to get. They'll happily give you their contact info if you give them something in return. A discount, a subscription to a blog recap that is so perfectly written for them, or a downloading ebook with education content. And yes, people will give you their info! Many studies show that at least 75% of people will happily share it if you provide something in return. The other 25%? Your kick ass home contracting website should make them want to call you!

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