Home Remodelers: Sell more projects (without leaving the jobsite)

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Business owners in the home remodeling industry—custom home builders, kitchen design firms, landscape contractors, pool builders, architects, and interior designers—are generally heavily involved in the sales efforts for new work. Depending on the company's yearly revenue, the owner may also be spending quite a bit of time in the field, ensuring that open projects are on time and on budget. Where these two important responsibilities collide is where selling effectively and efficiently from the job site becomes critical to meeting goals. Here's 3 tools you can't do without.

CRM App (Customer Relationship Management)

Home remodelers with more than one client should have a CRM system. It is impossible to remember all your necessary follow-ups, where leads came from, and your last conversation with a prospect from 2 weeks ago. For home services businesses, being out of the office and on your phone for a large portion of the work week makes this that much harder. There are many options out there for really affordable CRMs. We like HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, and Insightly to name a few. 

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Email Tracking App

Because so much of customer and sales communications are in the form of email these days, being able to track effectiveness is super important. Using Sidekick for Business provides valuable insights into whether your email was opened, if the user clicked on any links in the email, and when they visit your company's website. It's like turning on a bright light and shining it at the uncertain world of email. 

Estimating and Proposal App

Inevitably, while you're out managing job site, that prospect that you've been hoping to close for a few weeks now is going to email you saying she's ready to move forward. BUT, there's just a few little changes you need to make to the proposal contract. No problem. Open up the Quickbooks app on your iPhone, pull up your bid, make the changes and send it back over for a signature. You have to be able to send, receive, and edit proposals while on in the field. 

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Technology makes it possible to balance many different roles for home remodeling business owners. Inbound marketing is also a great way to sell consistently without being tied to the office

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