Marketing Agency for Contractors: Why you should care.

should i choose a marketing agency for my landscaping business?

Historically, marketing has always been difficult to track and overall it's a bit, well, abstract. Combine the traits of marketing with those of the contracting world and you, my friend, have oil and water. Let's face don't get marketers and marketers don't typically get contractors.  

Contractors and home remodelers are concrete thinkers. They are typically very hands-on and prefer things to be tangible. I know this because I was one for many years. That's probably why I approach the world of marketing the way I do, striving to offer transparent, measurable, results-driven marketing services to the people I know best—contractors. 

In a standard home improvement transaction, clients pay for something like say, a new kitchen, and the contractor delivers, well, a new kitchen. Everything built according to the design plans. And that's pretty close to how tangible construction marketing can be these days, providing you work with a company that understands who you are and what you do.  Gone are the days of generic marketers trying to achieve real connections with all types of customers. Buyers today are too smart and too empowered, especially in the home improvement industry.

That said, lead generation for contractors like landscapers, home remodelers, pool builders, and even custom home builders can be a straightforward system of 'the more fuel you add, the faster you go.'  The fuel? That would be content. 

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Just like how gravel passes through a sieve, visitors to your website are filtered out ultimately in search of the pre qualified leads. From what begins as a huge amount of website traffic comes a much smaller amount of leads or prospects, and then a smaller yet amount of customers. 3 components to online lead generation...traffic, leads, and customers. 

In the next few blogs in this series, we will dig into these 3 elements of lead generation. We will explore why it makes sense—actually why it's critical to success—to partner with a marketing company that specializes in your industry. 

Can't wait? Read more in this free eGuide to Inbound Marketing below. It's a great overview of how we drive qualified leads for home contractors.