Landscape Pros: Stabilize Cash Flow by Filling up Your Sales Funnel

Landscape Pros: Stabilize Cash Flow by Filling up Your Sales Funnel

Winter is coming! For many design and build landscaping professionals (and pool company owners) throughout the country, this means that cash flow takes a complete dip or just a major dip (if you live in an area that has snow and you will be doing snow management). It's the season that every outdoor living or green industry professional dreads. You don't know what will happen in spring with your cash flow and how many above-par projects you'll do. There is a major, highly effective solution to helping cut all, or most, of the uncertainty and bring cash in sooner - by getting more prospects into your sales funnel, definitely read: at the right time.

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Sure, that's a no-brainer you might be thinking. Ask yourself how long your sales cycle is. During this thought process, you might go through thinking the 4 or so consultations, split across approximately 6 weeks (from first consultation to ready to start project state). Well, not exactly the answer. In fact, far from it. The sales cycle begins when the complete stranger - who can become your lead - starts to think about her problem - the problem that will eventually lead her to realize she wants to reinvent her outdoor space - and then eventually start shopping for different contractors. Towards the middle or end of this shopping stage, is when you would be contacted (if you're finding yourself not getting contacted as much as you'd like, this next part is your answer). 

The buying cycle starts at least 8 weeks before the first call to you - and if the project is over $100,000, the buying cycle begins even sooner than that (12-26 weeks+). Back to stabilizing your cash flow, to bring you more certainty in what spring holds for you, to have projects ready to start in your pipeline, to start receiving down payments during the first, second, and third snowfall in the winter season, your efforts to start attracting prospects must start at least 14-32 weeks before you're ready to get going after the last frost. In you're in area where the spring starts around early March, rolling back those weeks, puts your prospects' buying cycle start time between November - July.


While you're wrapping up your fall projects, wondering about winter, and thinking that your marketing efforts don't start until spring, you miss most of your high revenue producing projects and eliminate the opportunity for any cash flow during the Dec-Feb time frame. 

How do you attract these prospects? You guessed it, your website. Your website is your most powerful tool in bringing you prospects that you are looking for. And the way to attracting them is through highly relevant content - customized to their needs, based on their buying stage -- with Inbound Marketing. Happy cash flow stabilizing! Read more about inbound marketing here.