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Does it Pay to Pay for Houzz Pro+?

As the number one website to search for remodeling and home-improvement ideas, Houzz has quickly jumped to the top of the industry’s radar. The social media giant has recently launched some new features for home improvement professionals who choose to advertise with them.  But does spending money on Houzz’s Pro+ program reap the benefits that it boasts?

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What Social Media Platform Should Your Home Improvement Company use?

Remember when Facebook was the hot platform in which every home services business needed to be on? When companies used it as the best free way to market to their potential customers? Well, things have changed. What is still very true is that whether you're company is in the interior or exterior home remodeling business, you need to be connecting with your potential, current, and previous customers on a social media platform.

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SEO for Landscaping and Pool Companies: Inbound Marketing Drives Leads

Search engine optimization “specialists” and the craft of SEO have gotten a bad rap. And who can argue with this when the phones of landscape business owners ring at all hours of the day with prerecorded messages on the other end screaming “Get your company to the top of Google in 1 day!” Those days are over and so is the witchcraft and mystery of the SEO of the past. 

“The best SEO team member is a well-rounded marketer that can connect with audiences in a meaningful way, validate assumptions with real-world tests, and build a rich and engaging sales funnel experience.”

— Nate Dame

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Houzz for Landscape Contractors

Over 25 Million unique users a month. 90% of users own homes. Most users are looking for inspiration and ideas because they are planning to do a home project in the near future. Hmmm, need I say more?! Sounds like a dream spot to promote your landscape construction firm.   

The relatively new site— was only founded 6 years ago—has completely revolutionized the home services and home remodeling research process. And while many architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, custom home builders, and landscape architects have been reaping the benefits of the focused audience Houzz’ provides for years now, landscape contractors have been slow to make their presence on the site known. Over the last year or so however, landscape companies with 2 to 6 million in annual revenues are starting to see the light. 

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