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Contractor Websites: Why a DIY website using a free website builder isn't a great idea

The process of designing a website has changed tremendously over the last 5 years—not just for home improvement contractors, but for every type of small business. With Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and the countless other online website builders out there, landscapers, home remodelers, architects, and home services contractors really have no excuse for sporting a company website that's outdated and not mobile-friendly. But much like the technology behind modern website design has changed so drastically, so has the purpose for having a website for your business in the first place. 

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The Top 20 Problems Marketing Can Solve for Contractors

As a landscaper or landscape architect, you have more than your fair share of problems related to the seasons, daily weather, appointments at 7pm, staffing for the year (but incoming revenue for part of the year), and vacations mostly in the winter. Plus, of course, you have all of the usual non-industry specific issues like budgeting. Many look to grow or reduce their company size, perhaps expand their offered services, or change their service area. Then you have the option of changing your marketing approach since a good landscaping marketing strategy and implementation is important for any business to thrive - everyone knows that. But with all the options out there, how do you know that Inbound Marketing is right for you?  Because it can solve all twenty of these below problems.

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We're a HubSpot Certified Marketing Agency in Westchester, NY

Today we celebrate officially becoming HubSpot Certified! This means we have demonstrated our knowledge and implementation of Inbound Marketing's best practices. We are your experts in achieveing measurable results from the most effective marketing out there today (Inbound Marketing!). We are super thrilled about being the only HubSpot agency to exclusively serve this home services industry!

As HubSpot power users, you can rely on us to be experts in key fundamentals that drive traffic to your website. Here are some of these fundamentals (that we couldnt believe in more if we tried!):

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A Friendly Definition of Inbound Marketing

Asking around, we’ve heard guesses on this definition to include “sort of like inbound sales, customers call you,” and “when you put your telephone number on an ad and the interested prospect dials your number or visits your site.” Kind of.

Inbound Marketing is a combination of a variety of marketing efforts that pulls (potential) customers to you. So, when a stranger searches for items related to your services (e.g. landscape architecture), they might come across your site. They’ll browse, read articles that interest them (because after all, they came to your site...

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3 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing for Architects is a Perfect Fit


We think Inbound Marketing is a perfect way for small to medium sized architecture and design firms as well as independently practicing architects to increase website traffic, drive qualified leads, and ultimately win more projects. But how are we so sure?

Perhaps we're a little biased. After all, we have built a Hubspot certified Inbound Marketing agency exclusively focused on the home services industry. In all fairness, however, we focused on Inbound because it works. Plain and simple. It provides the best lead generation with 100% trackable ROI. 

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