We're a HubSpot Certified Marketing Agency in Westchester, NY

Halstead Media is an Hubspot certified Inbound Marketing agency that works with Hubspot to create effective strategies for landscape marketing and construction marketing.

Today we celebrate officially becoming HubSpot Certified! This means we have demonstrated our knowledge and implementation of Inbound Marketing's best practices. We are your experts in achieving measurable results from the most effective digital marketing out there today (Inbound Marketing!). We are super thrilled to continue building relationships with our website design/marketing clients in Westchester, NY, Fairfield, CT,  and beyond. 

As HubSpot power users, you can rely on us to be experts in key fundamentals that drive traffic to your website. Here are some of these fundamentals (that we couldn't believe in more if we tried!):

Goal Planning & Strategy. We help Hudson Valley small businesses define SMART marketing goals for their business - and then help them execute on using the four key Inbound Marketing Fundamentals (attract, convert, close, and delight).

Buyer Personas. We help clients determine who their buyer personas are. We believe that great marketing is only great if it's designed to connect with the best customers and help reach our clients' goals. Marketing is not the same for every company. 

Content Creation (including blogging). Just writing blogs doesn't mean content creation. For it to be useful and actually drive traffic with qualified leads, we have proven that we can align content to buyer personas and the buyer's journey. We take time researching what your target market searches online and create content (blog posts, e-books and then distribute on your site, social media, and email) to help them connect to your company.

Westchester Search, NY Engine Optimization & Keywords. Google's algorithm has significantly changed over the last several years. These changes is the driver behind today's most effective marketing approach - inbound. We know that Google doesn't just provide search results based on what a user has searched, but similar content as well. We use this in our website optimization and keyword strategy. There is some backend SEO that is still important - and we are experts there as well.

Social Media Marketing in Westchester/Fairfield. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are a key element of effective inbound marketing for home services professionals. (Related: What Facebook can do for your business) There is a science behind effective social media use - much more than just posting enough. Its an understanding of the different platforms, algorithms used to present to current followers and attract future followers - and how it all integrates with your website.

Forms and Calls-to-Action. Through HubSpot software, we use forms and call-to-actions on your website and then measure which are effective and which are not. These call-to-actions are a powerful tool in converting a visitor on your designer or indoor/outdoor construction website into a lead. It helps them commit to knowing more about you - and in return, you learn more about them. It's the start of a relationship. 

Landing Pages. These are another way to convert your visitors. Every effective website must have several, tens, and eventually a lot more landing pages that are each designed for a different purpose and sometimes a different audience - and sometimes based on the level that the buyer is in during their journey. Landing pages are an opportunity to show personalized content to your audience.

Contacts & Lists. Using HubSpot's contacts features, we can help you organize how you communicate, when you communicate, and what you communicate to your future and current customers. This feature also helps you track how your site's visitors are engaging with your content (that's right, we can tell you this info) and automate content to be delivered to specific audiences based on what they read. Why is that important? Because we want to use your website as a sales rep - helping your prospects go through the sales cycle.

Reporting. With HubSpot's reporting features, we track how each of your inbound marketing efforts are working and what we can change. The best part is, that you can see all of this info, in a user-friendly view whenever you want.