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HalsteadTVEp8: Stop doing what you're not great at!

Have you ever met anyone who was amazing at everything? Someone who could paint like a pro, prepare architectural drawings, cut pavers, install pavers, run a training workshop, design a brochure, photograph the best angles of a project, write hundreds of words on a specific topic, run social media campaigns, manage a calendar, run interviews, prepare taxes...? I think you're getting the point here. You can't be great everything. It's impossible. But yet you might be doing (almost) everything. What would happen if you delegated what you suck at and did more of what you're amazing at? How would that impact your design/build business?

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HalsteadTVEp6: Snapchat or Facebook for a Design/Build?

In any business, regardless of the industry, companies need to be where there potential customers are. Would a toy company be at a local home show? I sure hope not! And while on that topic, not many people should be at a home show ;-). Back to digital marketing, should design/builds be on Snapchat? Is all the hype about it really better than Facebook for the design/build industry? Find out.

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HalsteadTVEp5: Don't bring people to the party unless the house is clean!

Getting the most out of everything you do requires looking at the entire puzzle - not just each piece. So step back - look at those core foundational elements - customer service, logo, sales process, and everything else that keeps your business running everyday... before you spend a s*** ton of money of marketing.

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HalsteadTVEp4: What Does it Mean To Get a Referral, Today?

Anna talks about how to apply the still-very-true approach of growing your design/build business with referrals - except this means to expand your definition of what a referral really is today. And it's not just people sharing your info with one another while they're visiting someone's home. Referrals are indeed - online reviews! So stop skipping this part. ASK FOR REVIEWS!

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HalsteadTVEp3: IT versus Website Design

Why are you going to your hosting company for a website design? Why is your computer technician your website design guy? IT and design are not one in the same. And website design isn't a skill that comes from IT. Stop mixing the two up! In this episode #3 of HalsteadTV, Corey shares his thoughts on this frustrating mix-up that produces websites that look like they're from 1995.

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Angie's List: What You Need To Know

Since service review websites like Yelp and Amazon have developed a large consumer base by offering their basic services for free, Angie’s List has had to up the ante by promising in March that it would join its competitors in the realm of free basic reviews. On July 1, 2016 Angie’s List came through on that promise. While this development gives clear advantages to homeowners, will business owners reap the same benefits? Here is what you need to know. 

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When is Google Ads Right For Your Company?

A lot of people who work in landscaping and homebuilding often wonder what is the right way to approach marketing online. A "throw the book at it" approach, which can often end up being very expensive. On the other side, some don't see any point to online marketing at all, which is also a big mistake. Used properly, online marketing, including PPC marketing, can be very handy for a landscaping business. In conjunction with proper content marketing, Google AdWords can find customers for you when they need you the most.

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Website Design for Kitchen Design Firms

Newsflash: Everything about the way homeowners shop for kitchens and baths today has changed from just a few short years ago. 

Let’s say an attractive target market for a kitchen and bath specialist is 35+ year old women with HHI’s in excess of $250k/year. This buyer is almost exclusively beginning their research online by soaking up design styles on sites like Houzz, browsing manufacturers websites (not showrooms), and eventually narrowing down their searches a bit more to find possible local companies to work with.

For most, this news is not exactly groundbreaking. And it certainly should not come as a surprise. But what is surprising is how little we see websites that are properly designed to engage prospects during this research and education stage.

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Is Your Landscape Website Optimized?

Websites are really different today than they used to be. 

Gone are the days of static, design it and forget it, brochure-style websites. The target market for landscape contractors is researching everything online and making decisions before taking with anyone. Driving traffic, leads, and customers online is the best way to grow any landscape construction business. Browse around on your current website and see if you notice any of these read flags. 

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