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10 Reasons to be Thankful With Inbound Marketing

From the beginning days of on-boarding to the years that proceed, inbound marketing isn't easy. Whether you've hired a marketing agency or writing your own content, it takes time, dedication, and patience. And it all pays off; the results it delivers don't compare to any other marketing approach. There is a lot that home service contractors can be thankful for with inbound marketing. So here is your list of things of the top ten reasons to say thank you to inbound marketing!

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Work and Family... or Family and Work

In the home services industry, including landscapers, pool builders, landscape architects, home builders, and general contractors, there are many challenges of balancing work and family. Often this is due to business ownership (just like in any industry!). However, usually the added bonus of mostly seasonal work makes it so much more difficult. 

Spring delivers (hopefully) appointments galore - almost daily, while the days are filled with starting work early and pacing through projects as quickly as possible. Add in new employees that just started in time for the season, and chaos is happily delivered all 7 days of the week. While the kids are off from school, summer is no different for this business owner, battling highly sunny days is the norm. The fall brings a mad rush to finish projects before the frost (or even between frosts) as well as attracting just a couple more projects. 

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How many job titles do you have? As a landscape or home remodel business owner or executive, you are probably handling: accounting and budgeting, marketing, sales efforts, recruiting and training, client management, office management, legalities, equipment/inventory purchasing, and of course - you are also likely very involved in the field. The list goes on and on. Sure, you might be less involved in all of these if you're an executive, but in the small business world, you definitely wear several hats. Add in a seasonal business, the positions that businesses in other industries would hire for, yours doesn't. It's tough - we know! Regardless of the reason, delegating work and taking off a hat or two (for at least most of the time), will in most cases, bring you more revenue than you think.

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The Top 20 Problems Marketing Can Solve for Contractors

As a landscaper or landscape architect, you have more than your fair share of problems related to the seasons, daily weather, appointments at 7pm, staffing for the year (but incoming revenue for part of the year), and vacations mostly in the winter. Plus, of course, you have all of the usual non-industry specific issues like budgeting. Many look to grow or reduce their company size, perhaps expand their offered services, or change their service area. Then you have the option of changing your marketing approach since a good landscaping marketing strategy and implementation is important for any business to thrive - everyone knows that. But with all the options out there, how do you know that Inbound Marketing is right for you?  Because it can solve all twenty of these below problems.

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