10 Reasons to be Thankful With Inbound Marketing

More time with family, vacations, less sales employees, more qualified leads, & more to be thankful for with inbound marketing. 

From the beginning days of on-boarding to the years that proceed, inbound marketing isn't easy. Whether you've hired a marketing agency or writing your own content, it takes time, dedication, and patience. And it all pays off; the results it delivers don't compare to any other marketing approach. There is a lot that home service contractors can be thankful for with inbound marketing. So here is your list of things of the top ten reasons to say thank you to inbound marketing!

1. More time with family and friends.

Thanks to the ongoing 24/7 selling efforts, you can let go a bit and enjoy the holidays, weekends, and evenings.

2. More vacations!

Thanks to the increased net profits, you can travel to a few more places.

3. One less employee or two.

Managing is tough. Managing when you're an owner/operator is often impossible yet you sometimes make it possible. Especially in the home services industry in which nothing is a constant. Thanks to having one less employee (a sales rep) since inbound does quite a bit of selling!

4. Better sleep.

Thanks to the on constant digital efforts, there is hopefully more sleep while your website keeps working for you.

5. Less calls from prospects that aren't your prospects.

Thanks to the qualifying that inbound marketing does with your leads, you're dealt with less calls for work you'd rather not do.

6. Better company image. 

Thanks to all the high quality content on your website and social media, your followers and visited view your home services contractor company as more professional and credible.

7. More time for other things at work.

Thanks to everything this marketing does online for you, you gain extra moments for things like improving field productivity, accounting processes, and other efficiency improvement processes. 

8. More referrals. 

Thanks to the customer relationship management element that inbound marketing brings, by keeping previous clients engaged, they're a lot more likely to bring you new business.

9. Less enemies and more friends. 

Outbound marketing, you know - the kind in which you have to shout to get attention (e.g. outbound calling) brings plenty of hang ups and people crossing you off forever. Inbound marketing is about building connections with people who to build them.

10. Tracking and ROI.

Aah.. the big one. Thanks to the ongoing reporting for success, or failure, of inbound marketing efforts, the uncertainty of whether or not your marketing is working, is gone. 


-Image Flickr Betsy Weber