Want to Increase Revenue for your Landscaping Business? Start This Fall

Fall is time to increase revenue for your landscaping business, increase leads for landscapers, and use social media for your landscaping company

Depending on where your landscaping business or pool company is based, Mother Nature can play a huge role in your revenue swings throughout the year. For the companies that we work with that operate out of the Northeast, the length of the outdoor living season is dictated by how early the winter begins and just how long it decides to stay around come “spring”. The last few years in NY and CT, that spring season came very late and it has been very difficult to make up for that lost revenue coming out of the gates.  

This is exactly why the fall season has become so incredibly important to an outdoor living company’s year-end numbers. We like to think of fall as the “second season” for the landscape industry and it may just be the best way to make up for ground lost early on and grow revenue for your landscaping company. 

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The spring crush has passed and the motivational push for homeowners to complete outdoor living projects before Memorial Day and their son’s graduation party is now over. It’s September and the kiddos are back to school and the house is a bit quieter. It’s at this point that many folks realize that if they want to be enjoying BBQ’s cooked in their new outdoor kitchen while their family cools off in the new pool come summer next year, that now is the time to break ground. This customer desire to wrap things up can really increase leads for landscapers. Homeowners wanting to complete their outdoor projects before the cold weather hits is a powerful tool for closing sales and subsequently booking your landscape design/build crews out through December. 

September, October, November, and December are the months of the second season for the outdoor living design/build industry. What does that mean to the owners of landscape and pool companies? It means that August and September are important months to bump-up marketing and advertising efforts to maximize the potential of this second season. 

Regional print advertising is a good way to connect with potential clients right in your service areas. The more focused the magazine or publication is on what you do and where you do it, the better your chances for a great return on your investment. Think niche options like Outdoor Home Magazine for NY/CT professionals or Dwell Outdoor for national companies. 

The most effective way, hands down, over and over is inbound marketing. It's a proven effective way to continuously drive you leads, while you're in the field. It focuses on attracting customers to you - rather than you having to find them. 

How about using social media for your landscaping company—perhaps promotional offers and special incentives for clients that book in the fall. Adwords for landscapers, super-targeted Facebook advertising, email campaigns targeting existing and past clients, and constant inbound marketing efforts are all great ways to promote your outdoor living company in the month of September, October, and November. Keep in mind, social media is a complementing way of reaching customers - it is most effective for solidifying the close and keeping your previous customers happy (with content they find useful). Attracting traffic and leads is most effectively done with inbound marketing.

After all, what better way is there to make up for spring’s late arrival than securing a fully booked and lucrative fall season...and stabilized cash flow during the winter!