When is Google Ads Right For Your Company?

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Many home improvement professionals often wonder about the right way to approach marketing online. Some business owners understand the importance of online marketing but not how to measure its effectiveness and thus end up wasting a lot of money. On the other side, some don't see any point to online marketing at all, which is also a costly mistake. When used properly, digital marketing, including PPC, can be very effective for landscape contractors, general contractors, and home builders. In conjunction with proper content marketing, Google Ads can find customers for you when they need you the most.

Why Content Marketing is Still King When it Comes to Online Traffic?

One of the reasons that content marketing is central to your online strategy, and can help a good PPC campaign, is that properly written content is ultimately what converts a browser to a buyer. This is part of organic search engine optimization (SEO), and will always be important. For users who find their information directly from search engines, this is where most users consciously go to get their information (however, Google Ads has some limited value here as well). So there is a real value to making sure you have quality relevant content for customers to find. 

When PPC Can Be Helpful

There are, however, a few potential good sources for customers who will not be found in the search engine process. For example, customers who are in the process of looking for landscaping but not actively doing so at the moment might be looking at something related to it (for example, a homeowner could be reading a gardening or home architecture magazine online, scouring for ideas). That customer is not specifically searching for a landscaping company at the moment, but is likely very close to deciding on the next step. PPC advertising, specifically Google Ads, is exactly what you need to be on that page when a customer is browsing ideas before the logical next step, which is to find a landscaping company in their area. By anticipating the potential customer's decision, your company can be there when a customer decides that there is work to be done. In this, your business has saved the customer the trouble of a search, or a decision based on competing businesses therein. Related: 5 Things That Home Improvement Contractors Need to Know About Google Ads.

Another place where Google Ads PPC has value is when people are searching for local businesses of your type. Google Ads on both desktop and mobile editions allows for placement of advertising for your business in prominent areas of the search window when a potential client does location-based targeting of local businesses (for example, on top of the results on the desktop Google application page). This means that when customers want to find landscaping companies in local search, a well planned SEO strategy can be bolstered by having Google Ads advertising alongside it. Both will make your company stand out on the page, and in conjunction, they will be hard for a customer to ignore without being overwhelming. Want another reason to complement your organic first page search results with Google Ads? Studies show that you can significantly increase the click-through-rate when you have both organic and paid results on the same page. Which makes sense... since have the two results essentially means you own more real estate on the first page.

Finally, Ads can appear on Google partner sites and display network as well. An Ads campaign (in text or video) for a home builder might appear on a YouTube channel about making additions to a home, for example. Potential customers looking for the nearest landscaping option in Google Maps will also see Ads advertising when searching for relevant terms. In short, Ads isn't simply about improving search (that's what organic SEO is for) but for making sure that customers can be found through other platforms as well. Read more about the different places a Google Ads Campaign shows up straight from Google, here.

When is Google Ads Right For Your Company?

Using Ads PPC alongside organic SEO makes for a much more complete online strategy, although it's a bad idea to focus on just Ads. By using Ads in conjunction with traditional content marketing, you can make sure that you cover all your online bases, so that regardless of customer behavior, your company will be present and available for duty when they are ready to buy. Remember, Ads is rented land, content is purchased! Because not all customers make the decision making process at the point of search but before, a well-designed Ads PPC campaign can even help drive a customer buying decision. That increase in presence across a variety of platforms gives Ads an edge over other services in terms of acquiring new customers.