3 Website Must-Haves for Professional Pool Builders

Pool design build companies should know these 3 must haves for their website

There are numerous challenges with owning a successful pool design and build business, including weather and unforeseen building process obstacles. Budgeting and labor planning can almost seem like a roller coaster ride. One thing that is a constant is the need to drive leads, more customers. While building beautiful pools that create happy homeowners are an obvious crucial essential, getting enough customers to sustain a healthy business is even more important.

Thankfully, attracting customers can be easier than ever (or harder if not done right) with the significantly growing digital world. Several years ago, everyone heard that they must have a website and the rush was on. This isn't enough. A high quality, lead attracting and converting website is the answer. 

But how exactly is this easy? Its an automated process. Setting the right foundation and keeping a routing is the answer. To help get you on the right path, here are the top three must haves for professional pool builders.

1. Professional Photography

Pool design and build companies are in one of the most visual industries out there. Potential customers need to be inspired by your work. They need to see if it matches their style. Most importantly, your prospects need to feel emotionally connected. Spending $100k on a pool is a lot of money, regardless of the overall home's value. The simplest and sure shot way that a homeowner will not only award you the project, but also trust you is if they feel a connection. 

You can accomplish this with professional photography. These experts can capture angles and bring about feelings from your work - yes it's possible! Images really do speak 1,000 words. If possible, stage your projects with people during the photoshoot, to show how the spaces are being used. Related: Close More Sales By Selling the Experience

2. Blogging.

Oh our favorite. In terms of marketing, blogging is more important than a great business card, a beautiful website, and popular Facebook page. You get the point; blogging is the absolutely most important thing you can do online in order to attract leads. Of course, as with all other items in the most-important-thing-you-can-do category, there's a caveat: quality.

High quality blogs are written for the voice of your customer - written in way that they can understand and relate. Posts are written about solutions to their problems. The blog exists primarily to truly help your potential and previous customers with the swimming pool spaces. Then this blog generates traffic for you.   

3. Call-to-actions.

Getting traffic with your blog is one step - and the first. Getting those visitors to become leads is the most important. Call-to-actions are opportunities for your website visitors to give you their contact info in exchange for something else. Sometimes this could be a blog subscription. Other times it can be a discount. Often, its a guidebook filled with extremely helpful content that is worth giving an email address. 

The contact info you get should be automatically synched with a CRM (Related: Benefits of Keeping Track of Your Contacts). You can then decide to contact these leads - depending on how much they've seen on your website (yes, some CRMs track that!).

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-Image from swimmingpool.com