3 Things You Didn't Know About Your Business Facebook Account

Think you know all the differences between a business and personal Facebook account? Think again, starting with what counts as a

Facebook has aggressively been driving companies to have a business Facebook account, rather than use a personal one for a business, for at least three years. Any business remaining with a personal Facebook account is doomed to be deleted by Facebook any minute. Why? While it seems like money is the key reason (okay, it is - at least primarily), there is more at play.

Users have a much more positive experience when they can immediately identify a business account from a personal one. This helps them feel like the website they're on (Facebook) is reliable, and not sneaky. Facebook further promotes this transparency by ensuring users can spend time online with their friends and family while only subtly being advertised to in their newsfeeds. If you're not quite sure how Facebook does this, then here you go!

1. Likes from other businesses don't count 

When you befriend someone on Facebook with your personal account, it counts in your total number of Facebook friends. You'll instantly see the total go up by one. Not so with a Business Facebook page. Not all Likes are equal. Likes by other business pages don't count in your total number of Likes on business page.

What constitutes a Like by another business? It's all about the account that the user was logged into when they Liked your business Facebook page. It they were logged into their personal one, then this Like on your business account counts. If they have a business account and they were logged into that one, this Like from them doesn't count. This also means that Suzie who owns Interior Designs by Suzie would Like you from her personal Suzie account as well as from her business, Designs by Suzie account (or just Like you from one of those accounts). So in summary, if 150 businesses Like your business Facebook page and 95 people Like your business Facebook page - your business Facebook page will only show 95 Likes. 


2. Most of your business Facebook posts will not show up in anyone's newsfeed

Hard to believe, right? You make all those lovely Facebook posts and Facebook doesn't even present those posts to all those people and businesses who Like your page. Only the lucky few will get to see - up to approximately 8%. In most cases, it's around 3%. To put it into perspective, if you have 100 Likes, then usually only about 3 people will see your Facebook post.

This is a major change for Facebook - although not a drastic one. Facebook has been decreasing this percentage over the last two years and finally dropped to this number around the start of 2015. 

The only way to get around this is to pay up. Boost your posts and set targeting for those that Like your page as well as others that fit your customer target criteria. Best way to do this is through ad a campaign in the manage ads section. In this method, you have the most options in setting your targets. And you do want to spend a lot of time in making sure you set up the right targeting. When Facebook serves boosted posts to people that don't engage with it, Facebook serves your post less often. Your end result is higher costs and less engagement (since people that received your post didn't care about it) and less likes. Word of caution, although tempting, you don't have all of the targeting options in clicking Boost Post as you make your post - so don't choose that when trying to boost a post.

3. Facebook business page info shows up in search engine results 

Info on your personal profiles doesn't (depending on your privacy settings). That's right, your mission statement, your description, and yes, your status updates. It'll be crawled by search engines and show in search results.

So when your potential clients are searching for your company online, your business page will come up. More importantly, when these potential clients search for terms, they are likely to see something from your Facebook page in the search results. Lesson here: definitely be mindful of your Facebook posts and take the time to complete your about section on your Facebook page carefully! Related: Keyword Research: Demystified for Home Services Businesses

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