Marketing for Landscape Contractors using Project Photography

Professional, high-quality project photography is essential for selling landscape construction projects in today’s market. 

A landscape construction project is an emotional purchase for a homeowner. Landscape contractors—and those working in landscape sales and marketing—must always remember that. The marketing communications must be a lot more about how the prospective customer’s new outdoor living room will make her and her family feel, than it is about concrete pavers, stone, or wood. And in today’s world, prospects are interacting with your company on landscaping websites before you ever see or hear from them. Often times, the past project photography is where they begin.

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Professional, high-quality project photography is essential for selling landscape construction projects in today’s market. Here are a few tips to consider when shooting pictures of your job sites.

1. Completed projects only.  A project picture should show homeowners what they could have once your company has worked it’s design magic. Pictures of completed projects show clients that you value professionalism and that your team will deliver high-quality results. It is very unappealing—in fact, prospects don’t even understand what they are looking at—for homeowners to see images of incomplete work. Bare dirt where grass will be, construction tools lying around, garden hoses strung out across patios, and partially built decks just scare off prospects before you even have the chance to explain that the projects were not quite finished. Approach project photography for landscapers like a marketing company would. 

2. Set the scene.  Look to national and regional home design magazines for inspiration and guidance for pulling off great project pictures. In these magazines, you’ll notice that the photography they are featuring depicts properties that look lived in—as if you could walk in and start living your life. Including wine, glasses, food, candles, and pillows will make your prospects connect on a deeper level with your work.

3. Create emotion and drama.  Your landscape company’s outdoor living portfolio is in fact, a piece of art. It’s a collection of your life’s work and it has the power to sell you millions of dollars in future revenue if it’s done right.

Any artist will tell you that the proper use of light is key to a great work of art. Your project images are no different. Work closely with your photographer to ensure optimal time of day and year when scheduling your project shoots. Shadows and light in photos add drama and emotion to your landscape design/build work.