Content Marketing for Landscapers

content marketing for landscaping and pool builder companies

By mid-January, landscape companies, pool companies, garden designers, and other outdoor living industry professionals are knee deep in what we at Halstead Media call the Strategy Months. In parts one + two of this blog series, we discussed the importance of having an up-to-date website and a high quality print + digital portfolio. Now, for this third and last installment of the Strategy Months, the all mighty content (key essential for inbound marketing) is the main focus—right where it belongs at all times in today’s landscape marketing plans.

So what is content and why is it so critical to a successful landscape marketing campaign? Content marketing as defined by the Content Marketing Institute, is “…a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Simply put, this means that your outdoor living company should be regularly producing original content that provides real value to your target consumer, while helping them in their buying process.

Delivering Content

Often times, the easiest, most effective method of delivering this content is through an online blog and social media channels like Facebook. The hardest thing for business owners to understand when it comes to content marketing is that the content should not be focused solely on their business. Now is the time to put the customer first and that is the only way to make the content you produce successful.

Why Produce Content, Anyway?

Content marketing is the new, user-focused SEO. In today’s customer-driven marketplace, high-quality, useful content is what drives webpages to the first page of Google. We see it everyday with the landscape contractors and outdoor living professionals we work with. When executed correctly, and produced by professionals who understand how to make a story connect with readers, content truly is king.

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Being that you have a business to operate and grow, it’s very often the best option to partner with an outside content marketing firm to start seeing the results of great content right away. Because authentic, useful content is paramount in today’s buying environment, niche agencies are surfacing across the country, specializing in specific industries. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the traditional marketing agency of yesterday to create connection-driven content across all industries. General, broad-sweeping content just isn’t good enough anymore, hence the specialization of marketing agencies within niches like health care, event production, weddings, and architecture. When it comes to marketing for outdoor living companies and marketing for landscaping companies across the country, Halstead Media Group in Westchester, NY is a great choice. Publishers of consumer print and digital magazines like Outdoor Home Magazine in the Hudson Valley area, Halstead Media Group understands today’s outdoor living consumer and produces real results for their landscape marketing clients. Whoever you choose to partner with for a successful marketing campaign for your landscaping company, make sure they understand how to market your business—and incorporate inbound marketing as a key strategy.